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Our Story

We met online on Bumble in 2016. We had our first date on February 29 - Leap Day! It immediately felt right. We met in midtown Manhattan, ate from a food truck, and sat outside. We talked for hours.

While our backgrounds are different, we shared experiences of being “third culture” in large and loving immigrant families. We also bonded over our dedication to careers in public service, Steph as a physician, and Az as a writer in the media. We married in 2018, in a small ceremony. Our dog Porsche was the ring bearer!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We own our home, a spacious three-bedroom apartment on the Manhattan waterfront. There is plenty of space for our family to grow. We live on a quiet, tree-lined street. We have a large living room, where we entertain friends and have game nights. There’s a lot of love and laughter in this room, which is why it’s our dog Porsche’s favorite place to nap.

We live across the street from a large park, with a great playground for kids. It’s a community where we know our neighbors, and regularly run into friends on our daily walks in the park. The best part of living here is all the families! Any child in our home will have so many playmates their age.

Az (by Steph!)

adoptive family photo - Az (by Steph!) The night I met Az, I texted my sister, “I’ve met someone special.” Special doesn’t begin to describe Az. He has a big heart and shows his love in big ways and small, like bringing me coffee each morning or adjusting the fan so that it blows directly on our dog, Porsche.

He has a goofy sense of humor, coming up with puns to make me laugh during difficult times. In addition to his silly side, he has an admirable dedication to his career. Az is a journalist at a prominent newspaper, having worked his way up from a local paper. He’s worked hard on how best to keep people informed and engaged.

Steph (by Az!)

adoptive family photo - Steph (by Az!) The first thing I noticed about Steph was her smile. I read her Bumble profile - doctor, traveler, museum-goer - and swiped right. On our first date, I nervously told her I couldn’t eat much because I just had some dental work. She suggested we eat soft food at a food truck. From that point, I knew Steph was caring and resourceful. Her smile can fill a room, a kitchen, or a surf camp at the beach.

Steph is constantly finding new adventures and planning fun events. Is it your birthday? Got promoted at work? Steph celebrates the people around her. You can expect a hand-written letter, an invitation to make gingerbread-houses, or tickets to a show on Broadway. With Steph, every day is full of endless possibilities.

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