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Fun Fam Times

My family spend a lot of time together. In the pictures we’re at Niagara Falls, the Beach, having a Family Game Night, & Played Paint Ball. Being together is enough for us and we can’t wait for our new addition. Read more »

Revealing my heart

Hello I’m Sammie and I’m hoping adopt. I’m sure you’ve heard that a million times. But if you can just hear it one more time ( Read more »

Mom & her grand pup

Bandit is my nieces’ dog. He’s only 9 pounds but he can eat more than he weighs. He’d just finished eating and was still waiting to eat again Read more »

Wednesday Wisdom

This is a flashback. A quick reminder to pause in our special moments. Here I am with my niece and nephew. Boy did they grow up fast. Too fast ☺️ I’ve been auntying for a while now. Read more »

Escape Room

Today we survived out first escape room experience. It was so much fun. It just shows how teamwork is very important. I love life lessons in fun settings!! Read more »

Fall into fall with me

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall” – Oscar Wilde Fall is a great illustration of how we can find beauty, when something ends. Read more »

National Adoption Day

Happy National Adoption Month. What a blessing to have the privilege of adding a special someone to your family!!! My heart over flows with the hope of becoming a first time mom. #newbornadoption #africanamericanadoption #adoptionjourney #adoptionislobe #adoption #hopingtoadopt #novemberisnationaladoptionmonth Read more »

Princess Braid

I braided this pretty little ladies hair today. She is sooo adorable. This is my friends toddler. She had the sniffles and was still in a bubbly mood. Look at that face!!!!! Read more »


Today is a cool and wet day. What do you do on these days to get moving?? Did someone say Music Motivation? Yes! I will listen to my favorite play list while cleaning and running errands. Let me know what you do to get motivated on dreary days. Read more »


If you have the heart for adoption, don’t let fear stand in the way. — Doug Chapman Read more »

Bathroom wallpaper diy

This is my first attempt at applying peel and stick wallpaper. If you’re like me, you feel you can do anything after watching a few YouTube videos. It’s not perfect but I’m proud of it. With a little effort you can do it too. Read more »

Be Present

Sometimes I’m so busy rushing to get to the grocery store, appointment, or errand that I forget to see that beautiful sunset or flower. I’m making every effort be present. When I do, I feel whole. Read more »

This is Me!

Everyday I dig a little deeper to get to know more about myself. Today, I allowed myself to be present in my surroundings. I stopped to smell the roses so to speak. I noticed the cool fall air, rain drops on my nose, and a baby laugh. I had a good day! Read more »

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