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Our Story

Jeff drove from Wisconsin to central Illinois to take Beckie out for coffee. A mutual friend thought they would make a great couple, and she was right! Jeff loved Beckie's dark brown eyes, and Beckie loved Jeff's questions.

There was a year of long-distance dating, which led to marriage in May 2016. We both work for a Christian organization that mentors college students.

Early marriage was full of travel, making life-long friends in a new city, and a quest to find the nearest Chick-fil-A. But there was heartache as well.

We didn't know the road to children would be a difficult one. We grieved the pain of not being able to conceive for 4 years. Our friends, church, and family supported us greatly during this time.

God healed our hearts and planted a seed of hope with the desire to build our family through adoption. The ups and downs of the last 5 years have strengthened our relationship for the better.

We are excited to share our love and God's love with the children he gives us!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We are blessed with a spacious home on 2 acres of land. We enjoy hosting friends and family for meals and games. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen trying to make a new dish or dessert. Our favorite TV shows are about home improvement, cooking or baking, and wilderness survival.


adoptive family photo - Jeff Jeff is smart, caring, and an avid reader. He comes from a small town (it has zero traffic lights!) and has a close family. He looks forward to teaching our children how to play piano and the joys of camping. Our kids will definitely prefer when he reads books to them. His happy place is in the woods or on a lake.

Age: 36 years old

Education: Bachelors degree in History of Science

Career: Pastor for college students

Religion: Christian

Favorite TV show: Big Bang Theory

Favorite food: nachos

High school activities: musicals, cross country, band

Hidden talent: carves amazing Jack-o'-lanterns

from Beckie:
"Jeff is a wonderful husband and partner. He surprises me with notes and flowers and has taught me many things about nature. I love cooking with him. Plus, he gives the BEST hugs!"


adoptive family photo - Beckie Beckie is a lover of pastries, flowers, Beyoncé and friends. Her friends say she is a great listener and a natural leader. She is the queen of DIY projects and finding treasures at local thrift stores. She can't wait to do art with her kids.

Age: 33 years old

Education: Bachelors degree in Special Education, Low-vision and Blindness

Career: Pastor for college students

Religion: Christian

Favorite TV show: The Great British Baking Show

Favorite food: chocolate croissants and decaf coffee

High school activities: cheerleading and show choir

Hidden talent: knows all the lyrics to 90's pop music

from Jeff:
"Beckie is lively and keeps things upbeat at home. She make delicious pie and is a hard worker. Everyone is her friend. I love going on walks and talking with her. She even plays nerdy board games with me."

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Jeff and Beckie adopt

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Jeff and Beckie adopt