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We were introduced by mutual friends who set us up on a blind date. After two years of dating long distance, sharing adventures together, and falling in love, Troy moved to Jennifer’s city and shortly afterward proposed. We have been happily married since 2016. The marriage is strong and we are very connected to each other. We have good communication and make decisions together about most things. We enjoy going for walks with our dog in the mornings, eating meals together, and visits with friends and family together. We share our faith which helps us navigate the celebrations and the hard moments in life. Troy owns his own home remodeling company and renovates kitchens, bathrooms, and does carpentry-related repairs. Jennifer is a supervisor for a government water science agency.

We love hiking, biking, kayaking, walking the dog, and many outdoor activities with friends. We like to cook, play games, and entertain friends and family. We enjoy spending time with our church family in worship, studies, and social time. Jennifer plays electric bass and Troy runs the sounds for the church band. We both work together on repair of our home, gardening, and lawn care to maintain it. Jennifer regularly works out at the YMCA with a trainer and a good friend, while Troy gets all the exercise he needs at work. We enjoy watching movies on Netflix, going to concerts and musicals, and spending time on the water boating, fishing, or paddling.

We are members of a Presbyterian church where Jennifer is an Elder in leadership of the church. We volunteer our time during Sunday mornings and many Wednesday evenings with the band, and are active in book studies and group activities that the church supports. We pray before meals and believe that studying the Bible is important for knowing God’s direction for our lives. We believe that prayer is important and a way to center ourselves and hear from God in our hearts.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We have a large brick home in a friendly neighborhood with lots of trees and outdoor play spaces. There are two bedrooms available for children and a full basement for a play area inside the house. We have three full bathrooms. The neighborhood is off the main road with little traffic except those who live here. Neighbors regularly walk outside together, and kids ride bikes around the streets safely. Our home is clean and organized.


adoptive family photo - Jennifer Jennifer is caring, hardworking, funny, welcoming, hospitable, and thoughtful. Troy and I communicate well and enjoy working together around the house, at church, and in many areas of life. I am a an encourager of Troy and others and listen well.

I will listen and encourage children, guide them through life, develop honesty, and help them to discover who they are and the gifts they have.


adoptive family photo - Troy I am a loving, supportive, compassionate husband to Jennifer. I add laughter to our days and am a man of integrity and honor that always has Jennifer's back. We work through problems as a team and are better together than we can be by ourselves.
I will be a parent that encourages creativity and trying new things. I will help our child know he/she is always loved and has great worth. I will be a playmate, a guide, a teacher, and their biggest cheerleader. I will accept our child and celebrate the person they are.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Troy & Jennifer

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Troy & Jennifer