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Casey + Chad & Gus, Big Brother to be


Casey + Chad & Gus, Big Brother to be
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We adopted our son in 2013 thru an open adoption and it has always been a dream of ours to have two children.

Hi there! We Are Chad, Casey & Gus (Big Brother to be). We've been through this process once before when we adopted our son Gus so we understand the complex decision you are making for you and your baby. Our hearts are full of love and our dream is to share that love in growing our family through a second adoption. Being 1 of 4 kids in her family, Casey's life is filled with cherished memories, growing up with her brothers and sister and for Chad (who's an only child marrying into Casey's family the value of sibling relationships was quickly clear.

We admire and honor your decision of adoption. It is so loving and courageous and the most precious gift imaginable to parents like us who are unable to have biological children. We celebrate open adoption and are grateful to the many ways its impacted our lives. We are very thankful to you for the opportunity to share a glimpse of our lives whit you through this profile. Adoption is such an amazing gift and it takes a very special person to even consider giving that gift to another family.


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Just when we had both gotten used to the idea we would be single forever, we met at work. Within a few weeks after meeting, we were inseparable.
It sounds cheesy but it was fate that brought us together since we realized we grew up across town from one another since Chad and Casey’s brother even played baseball on the same little league team. After dating for six months, and as a shock to our friends and family-we bought a house together. Two years after that, we decided to elope and got married in a 16th century cathedral in Scotland-also to the surprise of our friends and family! Ten years later, we’re still together, live in the same house, adopted Gus in 2013 and have a really great life!

However, we do know that life doesn’t always go as planned or as we want but we have also learned that it’s these unexpected paths that make us grow and awhile difficult to go thru at the time, can lead to wonderful things-Like adopting our son Gus in 2013. Although our long journey to be parents to Gus and his future sibling has been very difficult, it has been our unwavering faith that has kept us moving forward to become parents again. We know that God has a plan for our little family.

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Casey + Chad & Gus, Big Brother to be

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Casey + Chad & Gus, Big Brother to be