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Our Story

We met through a dating website in 2015, and on our first date, we met in front of a Cupcake ATM. We kid that it was "love at first sight" but it kinda was. We were instantly comfortable around each other. There was no guessing whether or not we were meant to be together. Everything we wanted for our futures matched up - including wanting to have children and also adopt. We knew that someday we would.

We had a really fun wedding to kick off our marriage and got to enjoy a honeymoon in Italy. We hope to travel more and take our children around the world with us.
After our wedding, we were "bored" and got our first dog, Bruce. He is an awesome guy and very social. He has more friends than we do! A year later we welcomed Gladys into our family. Gladys is a little dog who thinks she is a human, quite a character.

We bought a worn-down house in 2017 and have transformed it into a beautiful and fun home. We did all of the labor ourselves and have poured our love into it.

In 2018 we welcomed our daughter, Tina. She is an awesome kid and it has been so much fun watching her take over our house with toys and laughter!

We are a very fun, loving, and loyal family -there is never a dull moment!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We have a fun house that people love visiting. Sometimes they don't want to leave! (Christina's brother, Robert's sister HA!)

Our kids will share a room until we move to a bigger house which is the plan.

But we love our house so much. Christina installed the hardwood floors while Robert remodeled the kitchen and bathroom.

There is plenty of space for Tina to play and for all of her toys. The backyard is nice and big with space to run and explore.


adoptive family photo - Christina I am one of five children, stuck right in the middle! I love having so many siblings and I am very close with all of them.

Growing up, I knew that I wanted to work in Hollywood, so I packed my bags and headed to La La Land. I have made so many wonderful friends and tried so many silly things - including stand-up comedy! (I wasn't very good at it!)

I love to try things at least once and want to instill a sense of wonder and curiosity in my children.

I know that no one is perfect, but I try my best and I make an effort to be a light in this world. I volunteer, I am easy to work with and I am very proud of the family I have built with Robert. We are a really solid team and better for having met each other.

I love being a mom and think I'm pretty good at it. My job gives me a lot of flexibility so that I can spend quality time with my family. I was even blessed with 11 months of parental leave when I had Tina!

I am very grateful for you taking the time to look over our family. We are unique and one may even say, one of a kind.


adoptive family photo - Robert I am one of those rare people who knew what they wanted to do from a young age - ART. I am an artist and designing and sculpting is my day job.

I would consider myself a very well-rounded person - I played football in high school and college, I'm an artist, I love video games, home-improvement projects, working on my car, and constantly learning new things. I hope to pass along my love for learning to my children.

I have taught Art to others, supervising an Art class in Altadena, CA where I served as Director of the program.

I am one of two children. I lived in South Pasadena for my high school years and went on to college right after high school.

I have always found ways to handle anything going on in my life. I have a really positive outlook and love where I am in my life.

I love being a husband and father and take an active role in everything with my family, from Tina's baths to cutting my wife's hair.

My mom says that the best thing about me is my calm personality and ability to get along with everyone.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Christina & Robert

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