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Adoption video

Getting ready for our adoption video!!  So excited!!  Will be doing our foster home study tomorrow and adoption video Read more »

Radio Host!!!

Today we are driving on our way to meet with a lovely man from our community. He has given us the opportunity to go on his radio show and help promote our adoption journey! We are so incredibly thankful that God put him in our life Read more »

Overly excited!

We have the opportunity to go on air to help get the word out about us wanting to adopt!! God has a plan, and his plan was to put this radio cast in our life for a reason!  Fingers crossed! We will love the opportunities that may arise from this ❤  We are hoping and praying for a full house! Read more »

Today is beautiful!

Fall is here and we created flyers to spread around our adoption to family and friends. Today we are going apple picking with our fur babies! Read more »

Showing the world who we are!

We have been trying to get the word about us being able to adopt out there as much as possible! We have been telling friends, family, co-workers and anyone we come in contact with. We made adoption flyers and have been bringing them to local community boards, laundry mats, Stewarts shops, Tops grocery, mission centers. The Read more »

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