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Looking forward to celebrating this future dad.

We are celebrating Father’s Day today, and we are praying that next year will be Aaron’s turn to be celebrated too. He has been waiting so long to finally be a dad. He’s going to be just the sweetest father - I can’t wait!!! Here he is with a friend’s beautiful daughter. Read more »

Surfer Jesus

The inspiration for our sunny, surf themed nursery was this Jesus reaching through the water print we received as a wedding gift from Aaron’s uncle. It’s hanging up in the nursery now, ready to watch over baby. Read more »

Morning walks

We see lots of other dog walkers in the morning, some with a baby in a stroller too. We can’t wait to be able to take baby on morning walks with us too. Read more »

Plush Pineapple

Every time we shop, it’s so hard not to buy every cute thing we see for baby. Like this plush pineapple stuffed animal. Don’t we need him for our Sunny Surfing nursery??? Read more »


Christian’s dad (Papa) and his Irish Setter Kelly, are staying with us for a few weeks. We are having fun hosting them and exploring the local dog parks! Read more »

Surprise Snow!

We woke up to snow on the ground yesterday. Such a surprise for mid April. School was cancelled and the neighbor kids had a blast playing in the snow. Here’s a peek out of our hallway window when we first woke up. So pretty! Read more »

Getting ready for Easter!

Christian bought these bunnies for her mom when she was still in high school. There’s a mama bunny and four baby bunnies to represent Christian and her three sisters. She can’t wait to be a mama too! Read more »

Another finished quilt!

Christian finished another quilt, this one for our good friend’s four year old daughter. We hope she loves it! Shout out to the best quilt holder in the world: Aaron! Read more »

Audubon Society

We have been obsessed with bird watching lately, ever since we were gifted a bird feeder that is hanging in our front yard. We have an Audubon Society just ten minutes from our house and finally got to explore it today. We even got to check out a few birds that are being rehabbed on-site, like this huge bird named Ruby. We Read more »

Visit with family

We had lunch today with family to celebrate a niece’s birthday. Great nephew Caleb wanted Uncle Aaron to walk with him (and his dad) afterwards. Read more »


Aaron flew down to Oakland last night for work and always stays at the same Hilton Hotel. They have the sweetest employee, a cat named Paris Hilton! She greets you at the entrance, every single time. What a treat! Aaron always snaps a pic of Paris to send to Christian. Read more »

Sunday Brunch

We explored a little city nearby today and found the yummiest brunch spot. What you can’t see, is a side order of ricotta pancakes for Aaron. He has a big appetite and always finishes what Christian leaves on her plate. We are a good team. Read more »

Up in the air

Today Aaron redeemed his Valentine’s gift from Christian; a snowshoe guided tour up on Mt. Hood. It’s about 2 hours from our house and the views are breathtaking! There were so many cute little kids zipping by on little skis. We hope baby loves to go on new adventures like us! Read more »

Sweet Pea

Christian made her very first little bib and even learned how to add the little snaps too. If you look close, it says Sweet Pea. The color looks like peas, plus Sweet Pea is one of our favorite songs. We saw Amos Lee in concert at the Oregon Zoo. They have a great big grassy amphitheater where you can watch performances AND Read more »

Sweet Delivery

We came home to our Girl Scout cookie order on our porch today. Our neighbor Girl Scout even wrote us a little thank you note. Christian has fond memories of being a Girl Scout with her sisters. Read more »

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Christian hid a bunch of these Crumbl Cookies valentines throughout the houses in places that Aaron will find. He can turn in the valentine for one free Crumbl cookie. They are so yummy! We are headed out to a nice dinner tonight, then to Crumbl for dessert. We’ll probably open gifts after dinner too. We love love. Read more »

Blazers Win!

We went to the Portland Trailblazers game this week. They were playing the Lakers and Christian had bought Aaron the tickets for his birthday (he loves basketball!). It was our first game since Covid and it was so fun to be there together. We even checked out little baby Blazer gear in the fan store too. And the Blazers beat Read more »

Snowflakes in Portland!

Christian finished this quilt this week! She likes to sew and listen to her shows. She finds it relaxing. Aaron always checks in on her and brings her snacks and he’s the perfect size for holding up finished twin sized quilts! Read more »

Getting organized

Christian is the type A, super organized type and she loves to prepare, clean and organize. She found these sweet little closet organizers that help you organize baby’s clothes by size. We’ve purchased a few jammies and onesies, just in case. All gender neutral colors. You’ll find lots of yellow, purple and Read more »

She blooms

Our hibiscus plant thinks it’s summer year round. She loves her spot over our large soaking bathtub. Read more »

Adding to our nursery library…

A new, sweet book arrived today.  It’s We Belong Together by Todd Parr. “There are lots of ways to make a family. It just takes love. Share your home, and share your heart.” We have a beautiful home and our hearts to share. We can’t wait to read to our baby every day. Read more »

Departures and Arrivals

Christian drops Aaron off at the airport and picks him up from each trip too. Today he is headed to Honolulu, then back to Portland tomorrow! Read more »

Tooth Fairy Pillow

We found the sweetest tooth fairy pillow at a local shop. It matches our sunny surf themed future nursery so well. We finished the wave wallpaper recently too! We are ready for our little one to find us. Read more »


Aaron helped Christian pack all her cocoa bomb gifts. He’s also the official Christmas cookie taster too. Read more »

Annual Christmas Cookie Bake-Off

Christian spent all day Monday baking with two of her local nieces. (She has five nieces!) They baked seven different types of cookies and she made two batches of cinnamon rolls. The house smells heavenly! Read more »

A jump in the ocean.

Whenever Aaron has a layover in Honolulu, he’ll stay at his sister’s place where he also keeps his surfboard. His favorite way to shake off the jet lag is a quick jump in the ocean and surf at sunset. He always texts Christian how many sea turtles he saw afterwards. Read more »

Portland’s Christmas Spectacular!

We love attending this beautiful holiday event each year. Christian’s sorority sister is a member of the “singing tree” and the show is the perfect way to kickoff the Christmas season. Read more »

30 Questions

We found this article to help us gather the answers to all of these questions about you, so that our future child will know your story too (as much as you’d like to share). Christian is looking forward to adding all of these details to the baby book-so that baby will always know their beautiful story. Read more »

Homemade Cupcakes

Christian baked chocolate peanut butter cupcakes for her Aunt’s birthday today. Aaron is the official taste tester. He is also very easy to please when it comes to desserts. Read more »


We spent yesterday down on the OSU campus enjoying gameday. We are looking forward to our child getting to meet Benny, the OSU mascot! Read more »

Furry Friends

We spent the weekend visiting old friends and we got to spoil their two sweet puppies: Remi and Ranger. We love all furry friends - they have so much love and energy to share. Read more »

Exploring the Red Rocks in Colorado

We spent today hiking in the Red Rocks - the views were majestic! We passed several people wearing their babies on their chests in packs and look forward to getting to explore beautiful parks with our child too! Read more »

It’s our 3rd wedding anniversary!

We are spending our 3rd wedding anniversary in Denver! Three years ago today we got married in front of the Ko’olau mountains on Oahu. Looking forward to exploring the Rocky Mountains this week. I love that we can sneak away for quick trips together often, thanks to Aaron’s free travel benefits! Read more »

Candy Chute!

We had fun putting up our candy chute again this year! It’s become a tradition with the neighborhood kids. Happy Halloween! Read more »

Finished the closet!

We finished painting the back wall of the closet and have been able to move in some of the cuteness we have been stockpiling - like this sweet whale we found this weekend. Read more »

Happy Yellow

We decided to paint the inside of the nursery closet today. The sunny surf nursery theme is inspired by a “Surfer Jesus” print we were given. There will be an accent wall of wave wallpaper that is white and turquoise. We thought the closet could use a little pop of sunshine to match. The color is called Happy Read more »

Stocking Up

We spent hours picking out the perfect car seat and playpen/bassinet yesterday. We want to be prepared for the magical call. We are ready to safely bring baby home! Read more »

Baby Beaver

Both of us our Oregon State University alumni and we have season tickets for football games too. We love being Beavs, win or lose. Even our first date was a Beaver game at Michigan! We like to daydream of how we’d announce our miraculous news that we were chosen. If it happened during football season, it would probably be Read more »

New Basketball Hoop for Grandma’s House!

We spent the last three days in Hilo, Hawaii, helping Aaron’s mom with projects around her house. Aaron grew up shooting hoops on the driveway, but the hoop and backboard he used was overdue for an update. Despite the warm rain, we were able to install a brand new backboard and hoop for all to use. Aaron is looking forward Read more »

Off to Hawaii!

We are headed to Hilo to visit Aaron’s mom today to help with some work around her house (hale in Hawaiian). Christian likes to work on her Hawaiian inspired quilt on the flight. Read more »

Zoom Parenting Class Today!

We spent today in an 8 hour parenting class! Everything from development to swaddling, bottle feeding and when to start baby on solid foods. Aaron is excited to make our own baby food. His favorite foods are already avocado, sweet potatoes and bananas. Christian loves practicing her swaddles. We even learned baby sign Read more »

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