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“Cruise Director” Extraordinaire: This is a bit of an inside joke, everyone who knows me knows that I am a planner, we can be at one event and I will be ready to work on getting us together for the next one. This is true whether it is for vacations, music events, book clubs or parties. I naturally fall into the role of “organizer” and one of my friends dubbed me the “cruise director” because I am always the one that finds the events or wrangles the schedules to make the gatherings or events happen.

Do what you love, love what you do: I’m a life & career coach for creative young adults. I help clients recognize their abilities, values and choices; working to empower them to make decisions and take actions towards building the life they want. This includes all aspects of their lives including (not necessarily centered on) work/education.

I also have a background in theatre & dance. Being creative “lights me up” – literally! In the last decade I have focused artistic work on dance specifically. I create lighting designs that enhance and bring to life the intentions and underlying meaning of choreographic work.

My family and friends are spread across the U.S. and Canada but that doesn’t stop us from regularly spending quality time together, in fact it gives us an excuse to travel! I see my immediate family (mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law and niece) at least 3-4 times a year if not more. My friends in my community are like family to me we share meals, adventures, and, when not with my immediate family, holidays together.

My Home

photo of adoptive family's home Home is a small community-minded mountain town in California. There are lots of family events and access to all of the best of the outdoors in all four seasons. My neighborhood itself is a close group of families with kids of all ages; block parties and evening walks are the norm

I have a 3 bedroom house with a large playroom that is great for game nights or movie nights. Outside is a big fenced-in yard that is perfect for winter sledding and a deck that is perfect for summer stargazing and barbecues.

I have, and probably always will, have dogs as part of my family! Right now I have two, Wilson & Winnie. Wilson is a snuggly guy who loves to chase and play, and Winnie, like her namesake (Winnie the Pooh) is sweet, clumsy and loves to eat.


adoptive family photo - Linda As a single woman I thought I would share: The Three Most Important Things in My Life (so far):

My sister! She is my best friend and we have had countless incredible adventures together including travels in Europe, professional tennis tournaments & music festivals!

My parents & extended family! We all are extremely close and try to gather as a big group at least once a year and in smaller groups multiple times a year.

My friends! I have a wonderful, supportive community of close friends and neighbors.

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