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Our family began the day we met. Since the very first moment we knew we were made for each other. We had dinner at our favorite restaurant and engaged in conversation for hours, until the staff had to ask us to leave. One of our first topics of conversation we had involved having children and creating a family. We are both very nurturing in nature and loved the idea of raising kids and having a family. Since the very beginning we knew adoption was the right path. Affording a child a loving home and providing for them would be our honor.
When Bella came into our lives, it was the most joyous day and she continues to bring us so much joy and happiness. Now she is ready to become a big sister. Her personality is bigger than life itself. She is smart and funny, and very loving. We are certain she will be a caring and wonderful sibling to you child.
We have established our family in the outskirts if San Diego in Southern California. We own a large state in a very desired neighborhood, in one of the best school districts in the country, and with lots of land for children to explore and play. We love growing our own food in our garden, and we always share the surplus with neighbors and friends. We have four dogs, two Weimaraners named Frisco and Bentley, a poodle named Shea, and a labradoodle names Callan, and they all know Bella is the boss. In addition, we have many many chickens and we all love going up to the coop to feed them and gather eggs in the morning. Bella has proven to be quite the helping hand when it comes to raising animals. Our horse Gage is in a stable nearby until we build our own barn at home, but we still visit him every day and bring him carrots. We plan to have miniature horses and maybe a mini donkey.
Out philosophy in life is to surround ourselves with love. We are both very nurturing and loving people, and always make sure out daughter feels that love. We are ready to expand our family, as we both love a house full of children. We dream of the day they all grown, with families of their own, and they come back home to visit Papi and Dadda.

Our Home

We live in a traditional Spanish ranch style home. We enjoy sitting on the rocking chairs on the front porch, while Bella plays with the dogs on the lawn. We get to enjoy stunning sunset views from our house and the beach os only a few miles away.
Southern California weather means we get to put our pool to use for most of the year. Bella is getting very comfortable and loves the being in the water. It also means we get to grow our own vegetables in out garden all year round.


adoptive family photo - Rafa Rafa comes from a very diverse background. He was born in Spain, where his parents still reside, although his siblings immigrated to Germany. Rafa's family is still very close despite the distance. They FaceTime constantly, and visit each other frequently. He moved to the United states several years ago in search of opportunities after graduating from college. He joined the US Navy and moved to San Diego, California, where he and Thomas met. Growing up in Spain, he was always surrounded by his family. He enjoyed endless summers with all his cousins at their grandpas farmhouse or at the beach house his parents used to rent every year. Rafa always knew he wanted to have a family of his own one day so he could relive his childhood memories. Moving away from his family and everything he knew was the hardest thing he had ever done. Rafa moved first to Italy, where he finished his undergraduate studies, then to the Netherlands for a job opportunity before landing in the United States. Rafa is very proud of his Spaniard heritage, although he considers the US his home now. He hopes to instill in his children the bug of traveling and immersing themselves in different cultures.
Rafa's career in the Navy has been a very rewarding experience, serving his fellow sailors and marines. He has also had the opportunity to advance his studies earning a master's degree in child development, and he is preparing himself for the next chapter in his life to become a doctor.
Rafa's lifelong dream of becoming a doctor speaks of his character. He is very caring, nurturing, and understanding person. His compassion and love for others is the the reason why he is so love by those around him.


Thomas grew up in the South, until his family moved to Ireland in his teens. The son of a pastor, Thomas' church life gave him the sense of family and community that led him on his path to becoming a father. His family was always organizing church functions and taking on people who needed help. His upbringing sparked his interest in music and he became an accomplished piano player, singer, and songwriter. His early professional career in nursing demonstrates his compassion and nurturing nature. Now, as a business owner he has the flexibility in schedule to dedicate quality time to his family.
Thomas loves entertaining family and friend over dinner at their home. His favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, becomes a day filled with his love for cooking and the smiles of those who enjoy his food. Being a musician himself, Thomas enjoys plating the piano while friends and family gather around singing together. Hw would love to pass down his love for music to his children.
Thomas enjoys the beautiful beaches of Puerto Vallarta, the Mexican culture, and cuisine, Thomas got into competitive horse rigging years back, he loves his horse Gage. When they are not preparing for competition, they enjoy Sunday trail rides. Thomas would love to pass own to his children his love for the sport of riding and horses.

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Rafa and Thomas

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Rafa and Thomas