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Rafa and Thomas

To Someone Special,

We have a very loving and supportive relationship and it was clear from the very first date that we had something very special. We are both very appreciative of all the opportunities we have been blessed to be given in life. As individuals, we are both very successful in our careers, having both supportive families who have always loved us and encouraged us to succeed. This has lead us to believe those principles of unity, love, and understanding, are traits that not only makes us great parents, but that should be passed down, as part of our family legacy. As parents, we are always making sure our daughter feels special. We believe that in this story we were the lucky ones. We intend to continue being the understanding parents to whom their children can come talk to, no matter what. We will always make our children feel that we are here to support them and that they can trust us, even in their darkest moment. We would also like to extend that understanding
and love to the birth mother of our child, after all we understand their decision is not an easy one and their gift to us is the most precious treasure they posses.

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Our family began the day we met. Since the very first moment we knew we were made for each other. We had dinner at our favorite restaurant and engaged in conversation for hours, until the staff had to ask us to leave. One of our first topics of conversation we had involved having children and creating a family. We are both very nurturing in nature and loved the idea of raising kids and having a family. Since the very beginning we knew adoption was the right path. Affording a child a loving home and providing for them would be our honor.
When Bella came into our lives, it was the most joyous day and she continues to bring us so much joy and happiness. Now she is ready to become a big sister. Her personality is bigger than life itself. She is smart and funny, and very loving. We are certain she will be a caring and wonderful sibling to you child.
We have established our family in the outskirts if San Diego in Southern California. We own a large state in a very desired neighborhood, in one of the best school districts in the country, and with lots of land for children to explore and play. We love growing our own food in our garden, and we always share the surplus with neighbors and friends. We have four dogs, two Weimaraners named Frisco and Bentley, a poodle named Shea, and a labradoodle names Callan, and they all know Bella is the boss. In addition, we have many many chickens and we all love going up to the coop to feed them and gather eggs in the morning. Bella has proven to be quite the helping hand when it comes to raising animals. Our horse Gage is in a stable nearby until we build our own barn at home, but we still visit him every day and bring him carrots. We plan to have miniature horses and maybe a mini donkey.
Out philosophy in life is to surround ourselves with love. We are both very nurturing and loving people, and always make sure out daughter feels that love. We are ready to expand our family, as we both love a house full of children. We dream of the day they all grown, with families of their own, and they come back home to visit Papi and Dadda.

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Rafa and Thomas