Kim, Mike, John (Emma, Ella & Charlie are our dogs)

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Kim, Mike, John (Emma, Ella & Charlie are our dogs)

Fun-loving, hopeful close knit family

We are a canine and human family of 6. We have 3 rescue dogs and my Son, husband and I complete the pack! My husband and I own our own business, so we are committed in every way possible! Our main priority is family. We operate our business so we and our team can have the family/work life balance we want. We are super close with our parents and see them several times a week and look forward to our weekly Sunday family dinners--we all even go on vacations together. It's always the most fun when we all get together, my parents, my sister, brother in law, nieces and the 3 of us, we ski in the winters and boat in the summers. We hope to build loving memories like the ones we have of growing up. If we are meant to grow our family, we will, of course, continue to make family our #1 priority and work everyday to keep a loving, playful, healthy, happy house for all of us. We are a judgement free zone and trust when it's meant to be it will be. We have open minds and hearts. We love being parents and are praying for more children. We had our son via surrogate and will be as involved or not as you want us to be. We will respect you, your space, and your needs. One of the things I love doing is taking the baby and dogs for walks in our neighborhood, it's a great neighborhood with lots of kids around. We have been trying for a couple of years to buy a farm so we can move our work to the farm and spend more time out in nature. We like to be outside and now we get to show the baby all the beauty in nature. We don't always plan our free time, some things we plan out but sometimes too much planning takes the fun out of things, so we enjoy being spontaneous and seeing where the day takes us. We call our days together "adventures" and they always are :) We are open to an email, a call, a text, whatever works best to meet, we know you will find us. Kim

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My family consists of my Mom, Dad and younger sister. My sister is married and is the Mom to some of my favorite people, my 2 nieces! I love, love, love my nieces, we have a lot of fun together. Before COVID we had annual traditions of shoe and sneaker shopping for school and getting stomach aches from going to the end of summer fair and eating too much junk food!
I am a strict vegetarian, no one else in my family is, I don't preach it, it's just my belief. I love animals, we are working to buy a farm so we can have rescue animals and preserve a bit of land. I cry when I see farms being turned into housing developments, the farm can be a place where we live, work and help animals in any way we can.
Mike and I partner with and support a couple of neighborhood programs near our restaurant that help kids in need. I wish there wasn't a need but if you are able to be part of the solution, then you need to help, big or small, we all need to look out for those who can't take care of themselves....animals and children are at the top of the list of those who need us.
My husband and I met 15 years ago at work. We dated and were engaged for 8 years and have been married for 7, we both love dogs, our families, going to new places, eating out, and just being at home with "the fam" (as we refer to ourselves:).
I feel like I've practiced being a Mom through my work as a manager. I've been fortunate to have longevity with my staff and I often work with them from age 16-25 and I become their Mom, counselor and coach, at work. It's rewarding to see and be a small part of their development and watch them grow into amazing adults.
Mike and I are fortunate to love what we do, we never drag our feet going into the restaurant, we work with 2 people who have been working with us for 15 years, when we go into work, it's like being with family there too. We are most proud of the relationships we've made through our work. The restaurant allows us to help a lot of organizations and programs in our community, we are thankful for that ability.

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We are anxious and optimistic, every time I log onto my account I hold my breath

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Kim, Mike, John (Emma, Ella & Charlie are our dogs)
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Kim, Mike, John (Emma, Ella & Charlie are our dogs)