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Our Story

We met in San Francisco via mutual friends and clicked right away. We have been together for over 15 years, domestic partners for ten years, and married for almost five years! We enjoy spending time together, whether it be trips around the world, quick weekend drives to nearby towns, hikes in local nature reserves, or just sitting at home together talking and watching TV by the fire.

Tom is an information technology specialist, and Tulio is a broker for industrial-scale food processing equipment. Tom's mother is from Ecuador and his father is of European descent. Tulio's parents are both from Mexico.

Tom enjoys home improvement projects, and Tulio likes to get his hands dirty working in the garden. We’re happy to visit family and are always eager to host our nieces and nephews at our home for a weekend (or even longer!) during vacations from school.

What Led Us to Adoption?
3 leavesWe always planned to adopt. We have many friends who have gone through the adoption process, and one of our aunts adopted both of her daughters. We know from hearing of their experiences and witnessing their interactions how rewarding adoption is and the joy that comes from it. Our parents are excited for more grandkids, and we are thrilled to begin the journey to impart our own knowledge, values, and experiences with a child or children and to grow our family together.

Our Extended Families
We have very large extended families spread throughout the United States, Ecuador, and Mexico, with multiple aunts, uncles, and cousins. Our parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews also live nearby, so we visit together regularly. Tom has one brother, a sister-in-law, a niece, and a nephew; and Tulio has a sister and brother, in-laws, and nine nieces and nephews.

Every year before Christmas, we enjoy the Mexican tradition of getting together and making tamales. We set up an assembly line around the table and everyone (kids and adults) participate and spend quality time together. We celebrate Christmas Eve with Tulio's extended family, continuing the tradition of a late dinner, socializing, and then watching our nieces and nephews open their gifts at midnight. We celebrate Christmas Day with Tom's extended family, exchanging gifts and then sitting down to an early Christmas dinner. Every Easter, we gather for the Ecuadorian tradition of making fanesca, an Easter seafood stew.

It is with our regular visits, as well as these traditions, that we keep our close connections with our families. We will raise our own family to be an integral part of these traditions, ensuring they will also experience and treasure these close family connections.
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Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in Northern California, surround­ed by vine­yards, dairy farms, and large nature reserves. The area is a popular weekend getaway for tourists looking for relaxation in an idyllic, country setting, and we’re lucky enough to live here year-round. We own our three-bedroom home in a quiet and safe neighborhood, with lots of families and children playing outside. The elementary school is just blocks away, and we have easy access to a nearby playground. We also live just a 40-minute drive away from the beach and just a few hours from the Sierra Mountains.
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Quick Facts
Occupation: Broker for industrial-scale food processing equipment
Education: Bachelor’s in Psychology
Race/Ethnicity: Latino, Both parents are from Mexico
Religion: Catholic
Sport: Hiking, Biking, Running, Gym
Food: Mexican, Thai, Japanese
Hobby: Gardening, Reading, Cooking
Likes to get his hands dirty working in the garden.
Dream Vacation: Tour of Asia
Holiday: Christmas
Music: Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber
Movies: The Color Purple, dramatic
TV Show: Schitt's Creek, nature shows, Amazing Race, The Big Bang Theory
Books: The Kite Runner, all John Grisham books


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Quick Facts
Occupation: Information Technology Specialist
Education: Computer Science, Political Science
Race/Ethnicity: Latino & Caucasian, Mother is from Ecuador and father is European descent
Religion: Catholic
Sport: Hiking, Biking, Sailing, Gym
Food: Mexican, Italian
Hobby: Home Improvement Projects
Dream Vacation: Disney Cruise & Walt Disney World
Holiday: Christmas
Music: Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Madonna, Ariana Grande
Movies: Pixar movies, The Martian, sci-fi, special effects, comedy
TV Shows: Ted Lasso, Stranger Things, Star Trek (old and new), HGTV shows
Books: Home Improvement Books

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Tom and Tulio

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Tom and Tulio