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Our Story

We met at Stanford University in 2004 as members of an on-campus theater group. Working together as stage manager and director, we discovered that we made a great creative team. Sharing many late nights working on production details, we soon realized that we also shared a love of learning, board games, languages, cultures, food, travel, dance, and more. Eventually, David worked up the courage to ask Liz out and the rest was happy history. We were married in 2008.

Since then, we have bought a house in San Mateo and slowed our community theater involvement in favor of singing lullabies to our daughter, Marisol. We jump at the opportunity to express our creative sides by singing karaoke, writing song parodies, building family Halloween costumes, and attending local theater productions (when it is safe to do so, of course).

After nearly 13 years of marriage, we know that we are still happiest when we are working on a project together - even if that project is just making dinner.

Our Home

Our home is filled with books, music, and bright colors. We recently remodeled in anticipation of growing our family, so every child will have a room to call their own. The spacious backyard contains at least 15 types of delicious fruit, multiple trees for climbing, and fragrant flowers that are beloved by butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees. There is enough space in our yard to freely bicycle, scooter, and run -- it is kid-tested!

As a family, we take full advantage of our beautiful California home. We love playing at our local parks, learning at zoos and science centers statewide, and hosting friends and family year round (under normal circumstances).


adoptive family photo - Liz Liz is a patient, extremely organized, and empathetic stay-at-home mom.

She holds a B.A. in Spanish/Portuguese and Anthropological Sciences from Stanford, as well as a J.D. with a focus in Public Interest Law from USF.

Liz would describe herself as a lifelong volunteer, always interested in learning others’ stories and helping others bring their dreams to fruition. She was a Girl Scout, Interact leader, and immigration advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Recently, she has served in multiple leadership capacities on the volunteer board of directors for Little Wonders, A Parent-Child Center, supporting education and bonding for parents and children ages 3 months to 3 years. Her next volunteer adventure will be leading a troop of kindergarten Daisy Girl Scouts this fall!

She is a third-generation Californian who is extremely happy to have a forever home in San Mateo, just a short drive from where her parents still live in San Jose.

Liz’s California roots have given her a profound love of gardening, which she shares with Marisol and David every chance she gets. Nothing makes her happier than canning some jam made from berries she has harvested from the backyard, smearing that jam on a slice of David’s homemade sourdough, and enjoying that snack with a cup of tea out on the patio. When not gardening or mom-ing, Liz loves writing, crafting and creating, reading books in English and Spanish, and continuing to learn more about other languages and cultures.

She is also quite quick to burst into song, which has proven useful for entertaining small children and adults alike.


adoptive family photo - David David is a warm and engaged father who enjoys spearheading “Papi-aventuras” (“Dad adventures”) with his daughter Marisol.

Born and raised in Mexico City to a Cuban mother and a Mexican father, he and his older sister frequently travelled to Puerto Rico to visit the Cuban side of the family. At 18, David came to the U.S. to attend MIT and study Computer Science. After getting his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees he decided that California was the place to put down roots.

He now works in San Francisco developing software used by professional bookkeepers. His job allows him to work from home often, which frees up more time to play with Marisol. He loves taking her to the aquarium, the airplane museum, and to any park that has swings.

In his spare time, David loves baking bread, playing board games, reading books, playing the piano and planning the next family trip.

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Liz & David

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Liz & David