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A small, loving, full of life family looks for baby to be loved, nurtured and respected.

I'm Aline, nice to meet you! My name is a bit different, but it sounds like "Aleenee".

I am a single parent, mother of an awesome 8 years old kid. He will be the best big brother, helpful, caring and funny!

For many years, I've been nurturing the dream of adopting a child. And in recent months, this desire has intensified, and I feel that the time has come to increase my small family.

With the blessing and enormous responsibility of raising your child, I promise to give my purest love and always do the best for his or her happiness. I want to teach him or her to know God, be kind to everyone, respect people for who they are, and love animals and nature.

I commit myself to fight for her education, socialization, and good opportunities for a bright future. I will make every effort to guide him or her in a healthy and fulfilling life, stimulating to follow his or her dreams!

Your trust will be eternally remembered and, above all, honored! I am open to any type of openness that you wish with the child. Welcome to my family!


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Who I Am

I was born in Brazil, and am the first daughter. I have 2 younger brothers that are my best friends. My parents are still married.

I moved to the US in 2011 with my husband, relocated to work in PA. In 2013 my son was born! After 8 years there (in the same company), I got a new job in FL, where I have been since 2019.

Since 2020 it has been me and my son only, a small family happy family.

And in April 2021, I became an American citizen - a dream I pursued for 10 years!

Now I am pursuing another dream that I had for many years: adopt. My heart is ready!

Adoption Diary

Productive Monday

I have been working from home since last Thursday because my son doesn’t have summer camp anymore. He is fully enjoying his last 2 weeks of summer vacation by doing what he likes: watching TV from morning until night.

I am so grateful that I work for a company that allows me to work remotely as needed. Kid is sick? Want to just enjoy a rainy day at home? I am allowed to. Of course, I need to be productive. Being at home is not excuse for staycation.

And this Monday I am feeling so productive! Accomplished some tasks that were bothering me for a while. Now that they are out of my way, I can start focusing in other important ones.

Happy Monday!

Remembering pregnancy

See, I was pregnant once too. Besides the fact that it was a planned pregnancy, I had many fears - probably like many 1st time mothers: will I be able to keep this child safe and make him happy? It turned out that I am a great mom (I think)! At least, that’s what my son tells me all the time. I know when he becomes a teenager he won’t have those thoughts anymore, but that’s life. I went through that phase as well. And my parents are awesome, by the way!

To expectant mothers out there: I can relate to some of your fears. I am here to hear you and support you. And to love your baby as much as I love my natural son, creating many opportunity for him or her to grow healthy and happy!

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