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To Someone Special,

Hello! My name is Megan, and I am so happy you found me. I imagine this may be difficult time for you as you consider placing your child for adoption. I respect and admire you and feel so honored to be considered by you.

Initially through my words and photos I hope you will see and feel how ready and excited I am to welcome a child into my happy home. If you choose to make an adoption plan and select me, I promise to be an amazing mother. Your child will be loved unconditionally in a fun, loving, safe, and nurturing environment and will have the opportunity to enjoy everything that life has to offer. He or she will be raised knowing the importance of family, respect, patience, honesty, thoughtfulness, education, and of course, to have fun and live each day to the fullest!

About Me

My friends and family would best describe me as loyal, committed, thoughtful, and a true friend. I am always looking to learn, embrace new challenges, experience the world, and meet new people. I have enjoyed a long, successful career in healthcare, and I often work from home. Setting my own work schedule will allow me to be the best mom I can be, spending quality time with a child day in and out and being there for all special occasions and milestones.

When I am not working, I enjoy meeting friends for brunch, going to the movies or Broadway shows, and inviting friends and family over for a home-cooked meal. I also enjoy walking, running, and doing yoga. I really enjoy having fun, being sociable, and I love good company.

I also love traveling, visiting new parts of the world, appreciating the places, people, and their culture. I hope that someday I can share my love for family, friends, my home, and every other part of my life with a child.

My Home

I live in New York in a safe, diverse, and quiet neighborhood. Since my cozy home is close to both NYC and the suburbs, I get to enjoy the best of both worlds! There are lots of parks close to my home where children play, as well as shopping, great restaurants, and excellent schools. I look forward to finding new and exciting places to visit with a child and do things as a family.

My Family

I love my parents, Barbara and Joseph, with all my heart. They provided endless amounts of love and support and instilled values in me that have shaped who I am today.

Prior to my father passing away, my parents were happily married for 34 years. I leaned lots about love, support, care, relationships, and education from my parents who were both great role models. My mom was a high school teacher, and my father was a professor of chemical engineering.

My father was highly intelligent and was known for his wit and humor. He is sorely missed every day. My mother is quite resilient. She is well read, intellectual, and loves to smile. She has many friends and an active social life which helps her enjoy life as best she can, despite the loss of her partner. She is a wonderful grandmother to my nephews and is so excited for me to adopt a child, another grandchild to love!

My sister, Marybeth, is married to Kevin. They have two sons, Joe and Jack, ages 14 and 11. Marybeth is a beautiful person and a wonderful mother. In fact, in my eyes she is the definition of what a good mother is. We love spending time together, especially on our family trips to Disney World! We always have a great time and hope our next trip will be plus one.

My nephew and Godchild, Joseph, is bright, curious, considerate, and artistic. He is into Legos, Star Wars, science experiments, and design. He continually impresses me with his knowledge of everything digital.

My nephew Jack is loving, sweet and athletic. He is full of energy and loves to run. Jack looks up to his older brother and together they learn from one another and are always laughing.

They can't wait for a little cousin to bring along for the ride!

My life has been a wonderful journey richly filled with love, family, friends, and happiness but I am excited about this new phase. I want nothing more than to spend my days and nights giving all of my love and attention to a child. Welcoming your child into my heart and home, sharing giggles, love, and laughter, would be my honor.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me. I hope that you have a good sense of who I am and how ready I am to experience the joys of parenthood. I also hope you find peace and comfort as you make the decision you feel is best for your baby. If you choose adoption, I know that together we can ensure your child has everything you want for him or her. Everything is possible.
Lots of love,


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