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Our Story

Our story began in Boston, Massachusetts where we met online. As cheesy as it may seem, it all started with a pun! The only thing that Madison knew about Skyler was that he worked in technology. Madison loves puns and Skyler loves to tell our friends and family that the first thing Madison asked Skyler was "what makes you tech?"! Well, it worked and we had our first date at a French Cambodian restaurant named Elephant Walk.

Dinner went by too quickly and so we decided to end our evening at a local coffee shop together. A common love of cooking, music and travel led to many more dates together and, after a little over a year of dating, we moved into our first apartment in Boston's Chinatown.

After two years of dating, Skyler proposed to Madison at the lake near his mom's cabin. Madison answered "yes!" and we excitedly started planning our wedding. We knew that we wanted a small wedding with our close family and friends. We decided to have our wedding at our home in Boston with 28 of our favorite people.

A family has always been in the picture for us and we knew that adoption would be the right path. We both come from close families and have known from the beginning that we want to build, nurture and enjoy a family of our own.

We love to experience the many wonders of life and are so excited to share our passion and love for living with our future family.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We love living in the sunny state of Arizona and our house is nestled into the hills of the beautiful desert where we get to experience so much amazing nature.

We enjoy the sunsets and get a kick out of the singing quail families that come to visit us every day. From family events at the library to local festivals, there are always fun events happening for kids and we love that we can walk to many of them! One of our favorite spots to take our nephew is a five minute drive and has a lizard-themed slide and a desert-themed splash pad!

Madison has a passion for decorating and the interior of our home is his canvas. From thrifted finds to paintings and artwork from family members, it's a creative and warm environment with lots of color and energy!

When we are home we love to: take our nephew to the park, walk into town for coffee, work in the garden, work on home projects, watch our favorite shows together, spend time with our neighbors, enjoy the sunsets, try cooking new recipes, and take our dogs for walks.

We've taken extra measures to ensure that young ones are safe in our home. While we are always cautious with kids in our pool area, we've had a fence installed around it for added peace of mind. We also have outlet covers throughout our home. Safety for our kids of family and friends and for our future family is important to us and we are always working to make our home as safe as possible.


adoptive family photo - Madison I am a creative person at my core and I am always working on a project. Most recently, I started a vegetable garden! I was born in Arizona and mostly raised by my amazing mom though I got to see my father often as a kid. Watching my my mom run her own business taught me a lot about the value of hard work. At my dad's we would go fishing, rock hunting and garden together. My parents always made a point to share their knowledge with us and I'm excited to be able to do that with our future children!

On a typical day: you'll find me working from home or on a project. I am self-employed in property management and investment and my schedule is very flexible! I love to stay active and am running or enjoying a cycling class most days.

As a parent: I can't wait to work on all sorts of creative activities with our family. From experimenting with Play-Dough to getting messy while hand painting, I love any sort of hands on project. I also really have a passion for travel - last year we went to New Zealand together and I learned so much about the country's history and culture and saw some truly amazing places in nature. I cannot wait to share those experiences with our future family!

Some fun facts about me: I speak Spanish, I hand paint our holiday card very year, I love almost every food except for anchovies, I write for an interior design blog!

Skyler's Favorite Thing About Me: "My favorite thing about Madison, and the reason I married him, is that he is the kindest person I have ever met. I know that as a parent, he will treat our children with love and kindness in every situation."


adoptive family photo - Skyler My typical day includes lunch with Madison, walking our dogs, exercising, and cooking dinner. Since I work from home I get to enjoy the beauty of where we live every day. In my free time I love building LEGO sets with our nephew, Jay, or planning our next trip to visit my family on the East Coast. I love listening to music, comedy, and playing video games on occasion. I also love watching the birds and wildlife. I am honestly such a nerd at heart!

During the week you'll find me in my home office. I spent a lot of time with computers growing up and started coding when I was a teenager. Today I work remotely as a software engineer. Mostly, I love solving problems that can help people in some way.

Growing up, I can remember seeing my grandfather at family events with his many kids and grandkids. I knew I wanted to have that in my life too. I'm so excited to be starting our journey to become parents.

Fun Facts About Me: I studied in New Zealand, I'm a pretty darn good cook, I love to feed and watch the hummingbirds, I still have most of my childhood LEGOs.

Madison's Favorite Thing About Me: "What I most love and admire about Sky is his calm nature when it comes to solving even the toughest of problems. I know that as a parent, he will be great at helping our children navigate any challenges that come their way. He's always so kind and thoughtful in his response to situations and is such a great teacher to those around him."

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Skyler & Madison

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