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Already A Mother….

I love these Fuji camera instant photos! This is me and my dear friend Anna’s son. Anna shares her thoughts about my becoming a mother….

“Lisa has been my mentor for the past six years. I am one among the many lucky people to have been lovingly cared for by her. Her nurturing, understanding, consistent and joyful way of being makes her a vital, maternal presence in my life. I know many others feel the same way about her.

Our relationship began when I was brand new to the field of psychotherapy. Lisa created an atmosphere of patience, authentic warmth, encouragement and support. This allowed me to grow into myself. I turn to her for guidance in uncertain moments. I never feel judged when I go to her with my mistakes.

In my own path to motherhood, Lisa was one of the first people I told about my pregnancy. And one of the first people I introduced my newborn son to. Throughout my pregnancy and as a mother, Lisa attuned to both me and my baby in ways that others would never think to be. She prioritized my physical and emotional comfort, as I waded into uncharted waters of pregnancy and birth. She was again a grounding and reassuring presence in my early, bleary days of parenthood.

Lisa met my son when he was only about a month old. I will never forget how respectful and caring she was of his fragile humanity. Others reached immediately into his stroller to touch him. Pick him up. Dangle something in front of his face or otherwise intrude on his space. Instead, Lisa followed his subtlest cues. Allowing him to become comfortable in her presence before gently saying hello.

New motherhood confronted me with an unfathomable depth of care for my baby. And a fierce protectiveness of his well-being in the world. Lisa’s attuned way of being with him put me immediately at ease—I could relax with her, and so could he.

He is now approaching two years old. One of his favorite snuggly items is a stuffed animal that Lisa gave to him when they first met. Separated during the pandemic, Lisa remains a consistent loving auntie in his life. For this I am grateful beyond words.

I am thrilled to write in support for Lisa. Not to answer the question of whether she would be a wonderful mother, but to say instead that she already is one. If you are considering making adoption plans, I can’t imagine a better choice than a mother like Lisa.”

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I hope you can get a good sense of the kind of person I am, how I will love and raise this child. Please reach out. I welcome hearing from you.

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