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Vibrant and Loving Woman Building A Family


My arms are outstretched and my heart is whatever your situation is, and to adopting an infant.

If anything about me speaks to you, reach out anytime. My intention is to support your journey, and I'd be happy to connect with you.

Please know that adoption has touched the lives of several of my close family members. Given these experiences, I understand the mix of heartbreak and joy.

I'm prepared to love and preserve this child's culture, identity and unique story.

Whatever tough decisions you are wrestling with, you will make the best choices for you and your baby.

You are resilient beyond what you can imagine.

Stay well and happy holidays!

~ Lisa

Phone: 929 273-0712

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Who I Am

I am a strong, creative, grounded woman. I will give this child a calm, healthy and stable home and lifetime of unconditional love.

As a psychotherapist for many years, I understand well how positive family interactions shape our character and self-esteem.

People who know me will tell you – my energy is nurturing. My friend’s four year old daughter asked, ‘Is Lisa our family?’ She put me on her family board for a school project. Please see my friend's daughter's drawings about our relationship in my Albums. Please read my dear friend's Amelia and Paul's letter in the About Me Section.

I am self-employed and able to stay at home at the beginning of my baby’s life. I can schedule my patients around the changing needs of my child. Work and family balance is appreciated in the field of mental health. There is a solid support network for families.

Co-workers Emily and Anna share. See their Letters of Support in the About Lisa section.

I love what I do. It makes a difference in people’s lives. I work with new moms and infants. As well as children, teens, adults, couples and families. I get to watch people learn, grow and heal!

I am cisgender. My pronouns are she, her, hers.

One of the most humbling things I’ve done was a ten day silent meditation retreat. I learned about being present. It is a precious gift to be ‘in the moment’ with a child.

Respect for one’s body is important to me. I belong to Babies Project. Their movement education classes teach about the touch, support and movement that babies need to thrive.

My mom was a single mother for half of my childhood. My grandma Sophie raised my father on her own. They were amazing role models. Both supported my education. As independent women, they showed true strength by relying on people when needed.

Brooklyn is the kind of place a child will flourish growing up in. I am a New Yorker through and through. I know this vibrant place like the back of my hand. I have roots in Brooklyn and Manhattan going back to my great great grandparents. I also have extended family in Connecticut, New Jersey, Florida, Texas and Nevada.

Curiosity and openness to learning are qualities essential for a successful life. Not only in school. There are many ways and places to learn.

I also value kindness, creativity, laughter, play and authenticity -being real.

I have a younger brother. We have always wanted the best for each other. He is a real estate professional and super hands-on dad to my nephews and niece. We get together for holidays, birthdays, graduations, recitals and baseball games. Please read my brother's Letter of Support in the About Lisa section.

COUSIN JILL is the mother of both four biological and adopted children. Her beautiful family is ready to embrace us. Read Cousin Jill's Letter of Support in the About Lisa section

MOM is a born ‘animal whisperer’. She inspired my love of animals. We grew up with Jessie the German Shepherd, Siamese cats Ming and Lucky. And many small animals – bunnies, turtles, hamsters, birds. She was a single mother for half of my childhood after our parents divorced. She raised us to persist in reaching our goals. Mom values education. I was the first person in my family to graduate from college. And pursue an advanced degree. She visits often and lives nearby right outside New York City. Please read Mom's Letter in the About Lisa Section.

DAD was a first generation European immigrant. He passed down a strong work ethic. My first part-time job as a fourteen year old was in the kitchen of a Blimpie’s sub sandwich shop. He was a great athlete, a NYC paddle ball champion. Following in his footsteps, movement has always been a big part of my life. Including dance, cycling, roller blading, trekking. He worked in window display and design, in the shoe industry. He had a great visual sense. My artwork reflects this side of him. He is no longer with us. He was thrilled about my desire to have a family.

Adoption Diary

Best. NYC. Day.

Spent the afternoon at the Museum of Natural History, with my dear friend’s precious daughter! Such a joy, seeing the world through her eyes. Her favorites were the dinosaurs and the Hall of Gems and Minerals, especially the diamonds!! And the special Color exhibition…

Mommy, Is Lisa Our Family?

My dear friend’s Amelia and Pauls daughter and me, in my kitchen. She helped serve! I love her to the moon and back.

Hear what she and her parents have to say about me, in an excerpt from their recommendation letter. The full letter is in the About Section. 

“Lisa’s big heart and loving nature continued to be a support for us when we decided to start a family five years ago. We now have a four year-old daughter, who adores Lisa, as well as her two cats, Bear and Juno.

We remember a day when our daughter asked Amelia, “Mommy, is Lisa our family? I really want her to be our family.” Lisa is family to us.

We never hesitate to leave our daughter in Lisa’s care. We know that she will be safe, loved, and taken care of. Lisa always puts our daughter’s emotional needs first. We have see this during many visits and times spent together. Especially when our daughter was having a difficult day/time. We have seen Lisa’s empathic presence and how it helps healing.

As a mother, I (Amelia) felt grateful for Lisa’s kind and grounding presence. Recently, our daughter made a drawing of Lisa, Juno and Bear. She insisted on mailing this to Lisa. Our daughter worked on a school project to create a family board. It was only natural for us to include a picture of Lisa and Bear and Juno.

We are fortunate and blessed to have Lisa in our lives and to know that she would be there if our daughter needed.”

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.



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