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Makeba Hopes to Adopt

Hello and Good Morning!
My name is Makeba and I am a morning person...

I am excited about meeting my future little one by adoption! Since I was a litlle girl, I wanted to be a Mommy. I know that love creates a family so I am ready to make that love commitment to my child....

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I am a single African American woman from Brooklyn, New York. I am the youngest of four children, and I enjoy nature, walking, reading and attending live indoor and outdoor concerts. I am blessed to be a part of a crazy village of future aunts and uncles who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of my future little one... As I am ready to provide love, stability and security in a child's life, I know that a child will increase the joy and happiness in my life too.

Adoption Diary

Queen of the Block!

Hello and Happy Sunday!
I have been privileged to live in the home that I grew up in.  Yesterday, my block had our annual Block Party and my mother was crowned Queen of the Block Party! My parents brought their home in the 60s and through all the decades, my mother has stayed.  She is a true New Yorker! I cannot wait to raise another generation in this home, on this block and in New York!  My name is Makeba. I am a grateful daughter and hopeful parent and a first generation New Yorker!

Do I have a Green Thumb or a Fun Thumb?

This is the current status of my vegetable garden. I am having so much fun watching my plants grow. We are having very hot, dry summer so watering is a must.  I cannot wait to share this hobby with my little one…

Do you have a green thumb or a fun thumb or both?

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