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Our neighborhood meet up

We love our neighborhood! Last weekend, we had a meet up in our community’s gazebo- this will be a Friday night thing throughout the summer! Everyone brought an appetizer and hung out and talked for hours. One conversation that really stuck out to me was how everyone with kids said that our neighborhood is the neighborhood that the kids want to play in with their friends- even as teenagers! Our neighborhood is a huge mix of generations and it sounds like it has always been the neighborhood for kids to hang out in. They talked about the number of basketball hoops and play sets, and how our neighborhood is committed to being family friendly. We dream of our house being the house where all kids are welcome to come and hang out with our (future) kids. We want to host the sleepovers, the pool days, the bon fires, the boat rides and jetskis rides, the pick up basketball and wiffle ball games, the chalk all over the driveway, the snowman-making and hot chocolate by the fireplace afternoons, and anything else the kids are interested in. We want our kids to play ghost in the graveyard (is that still a thing??) throughout the whole neighborhood, and we can see that happening here! We are so thankful that our neighborhood is set up to be such a supportive family community and we cannot wait to have our (future) children grow up here.

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