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Fall in NY

We absolutely love the beginning of fall! There are so many things to do outdoors this time of year. My (Anna) papa passed away in September 2013, and every year since then we do a fall activity in his honor with the family. He was so special and he also loved this time of year! So, yesterday we spent the morning apple picking, eating fry cakes, sitting on Adirondack chairs on the Apple farm’s front porch, listening to live music and enjoying each other’s company. Read more »

Tour of Scott’s College

While driving home from vacation, we spontaneously decided to detour to see Scott’s Alma Mater- Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. I’ve always wanted a tour and it was so fun to get a look into Scott’s college days- he was involved in so many different things! Read more »

Mini getaway

We took a quick trip to the Berkshires in Massachusetts as a last little getaway before I (Anna) go back to work next week! This was our first time in the area and we were in awe of the scenery all around us. The mountain ranges, quaint historical towns, and the massive old houses made the whole area charming and memorable. Read more »

Weekend with our niece

This weekend we have our Niece (and her pup!) staying with us while her parents are out of town. It has been fun having a teenager in the house! In the last 24 hours there’s been lots of pool, ice cream, neighborhood walks, Jenga, hair braiding, and one really, really difficult puzzle! Read more »

Sprinkle for a friend

I (Anna) went to a sprinkle shower for one of my best friends yesterday in celebration of her 2nd baby (a girl!) due in just a few weeks. The majority of my best friends have become first time moms in the last few years, and I feel so blessed and excited when I think about how many automatic friends our future children will Read more »

Our neighborhood meet up

We love our neighborhood! Last weekend, we had a meet up in our community’s gazebo- this will be a Friday night thing throughout the summer! Everyone brought an appetizer and hung out and talked for hours. One conversation that really stuck out to me was how everyone with kids said that our neighborhood is the neighborhood Read more »

Scott’s newest painting

One of Scott’s hobbies is painting! It adds such a special touch to our home knowing that he created all of the artwork. Over the long weekend, he painted this gorgeous painting that we immediately hung up in our living room. Read more »

Our nephew Zy’s birthday!

Today we got to celebrate our nephew, Zy’s, 4th birthday! He is such a sweetheart and brings us so much joy. Anna’s parents got him this awesome pirate costume and he was immediately obsessed ☺️ Read more »

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