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Brian and I met through a mutual friend. My first "work" friend I met after college graduation was a girl named Callie (who was adopted). She is very social and was friends with her high school friends, We were at a restaurant with a large group of friends, and Brian walked up. I remember meeting him like it was yesterday, he immediately put a smile on my face. He was cute and seemed nice and funny. After that chance encounter, he would ask about me from time to time. Eventually, I asked about him. He was moving back to the city I lived in after finishing law school. He cancelled on a beach trip with friends to take me on a date. We were literally inseparable afterwards. We married two years later and wanted to begin a family so badly! We had trouble having our own, naturally, which only has served to strengthen our marriage and reinforce our love and support for one another. We are happy spending time at home cooking, taking the dogs on walks, and lounging with a good book to read. We both have successful careers in medicine and in law, but do spend time to travel and spend time with friends and family.

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Brian and Erin

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Brian and Erin