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Tracey and I are both in our early (ok, mid) 40's. We met in 12 step recovery and it's a huge part of our lives. I (Kevin) am a very grateful recovering alcoholic (AA) and I also am a compulsive overeater (OA) which is another fellowship and the one where I met Tracey. Because of our issues with food we eat a healthy diet, cook food at home and we eat no sugar. It's been a huge blessing for both of us and we value the healthy lifestyle but even more importantly the principals of the 12 step recovery help us communicate effectively with each other and to have healthy relationships with the people around us. We share, most importantly, a reliance on God to guide us and to provide for us.

Our Home

Tracey and I bought a 4 bedroom Colonial on two acres of land at the end of a cul-de-sac in a small town in CT. We can walk right into a big nature preserve with miles and miles of trails and a series of water falls. The schools in our town are 10/10. There is a library right down the road and CT's only National Park which is the historic family farm of a world famous artist. There are several young families on the road and we love seeing them walk by with the kids on their bikes. The big house leaves us plenty of room for grandparents, aunts and aunties and friends to visit. We have the biggest kitchen table we could find and we love to cook for our families on the big holidays. Our home is all about love.


adoptive family photo - Kevin I am steadfast and I try to always be prepared. I am calm and unflappable. I am hopeful and positive. I can cook!


adoptive family photo - Tracey I am incredibly loving and family is so important to me. Having a job where I work with children for a living I am patient, compassionate and fun. Laughter and faith are two things that I practice daily.

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Tracey & Kevin

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Tracey & Kevin