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We met in 2008, the day Dan moved to Washington, DC from California. Dan bought Tim's furniture on Craigslist, and eager to unload his furniture before moving into a smaller apartment, Tim started giving away more items. As strangers, we partnered on getting the furniture into Dan's ZipCar, and since then, we've always been a team.

We had our first official date in Washington, DC, where we quickly bonded over our mutual love for garlic and exploring the world. Since Tim had been living in DC for five years, our first several months of dating Tim made sure to introduce Dan to the hidden gems that DC has to offer.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home is a welcoming place, filled with friends and family more often than not. Even though we don't live close to our immediate families, our home has become a hub of activity - dinner parties, BBQs on the roof, Golden Globes and debate watch parties, and game nights. Our neighborhood is filled with young families, parks, and playgrounds. Friends with young kids live just a few minutes away. One of our favorite spots in our neighborhood is a tiny pocket park just a block away. Completely managed and cared for by neighbors, its where we've spent afternoons with friends enjoying a bottle of wine or letting the kids run around.


adoptive family photo - Tim Tim works in immigration law, where he helps companies move their employees throughout the world. He enjoys dancing, theater, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter movies, and bicycling around town.

Tim is passionate about his friends and family, his ideas, and life overall. He strongly believes in social justice - giving voice to those who may not be able to. He is particularly devoted to his mom, who has given her whole life to making her five children feel loved, supported, and appreciated. This shaped his life, and a lifetime of service. It progressed to his time in college volunteering in Haiti, or volunteering at a women's shelter in DC. He knows he is fortunate to have the life he has, and works tirelessly to help as many people as can get that same opportunity.


adoptive family photo - Dan Dan works in transportation policy, where he helps to make sure planes and drones can fly safely. He also enjoys being active, planning trips around the world, gardening, and spending time with our nephews and nieces. In his spare time, he has volunteered as a tutor for underprivileged children, as well as an English teacher for recent immigrants.

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Tim & Dan

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Tim & Dan