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We will blink and it will be summer.

It’s hard to believe this school year will shortly be coming to an end. Our son started kindergarten in the midst of covid and I’m so proud and amazed at what a great job his school did ensuring it was both safe and enjoyable for the kids. We are so lucky to be in southern California where even school can be (partially) outside. I’m a Midwest girl from Chicago, if you would have told me this growing up I would not have believed you. Now the year is wrapping up just as quickly as it started. Soon it will be behind us and the summer camps, beach days, traveling to Chicago to visit family and all of the joy and memories that summer vacation brings will begin. It’s always bittersweet when something ends but the new beginnings that follow are such a gift. For now we will enjoy these last couple of months of the routine of school days, after school sports, play dates and the beautiful flowers of spring.

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Lauren & Ronny

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Lauren & Ronny