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Loving Southern California family saying hello

We want to take a quick moment to acknowledge that this process is a bit awkward. You’re here browsing the internet trying to make what must be one of, if not the absolute hardest decision of your life. While we are here putting intimate details and images of our family and lives on this public forum. But it’s worth it for the potential outcome. The hope of meeting you, of completing our family and of walking this beautiful journey of adoption together. So now that we’ve addressed the elephant in this internet room. It’s so nice to “meet” you. Wherever you are in this process, whether you've already decided to place, or you're just now exploring placement as an option, we hope this online profile helps you get to know us. We promise to try our very best to convey exactly who we are and what we are about. We would be honored to get to know you, to hear your hopes and dreams for your child and to show you how much we will love and support your child always. You are seen and valued by us. All of our best, Lauren and Ronny

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Who We Are

We met shortly after college through mutual friends and instantly felt a connection. We were both living in different southern California cities when we met but that didn't stop us from keeping in touch. After about a year of dating I moved to be closer to Ronny and two years after that we were engaged. We went on many adventures together. We spent time outdoors and with each other's families. We went to church together, the beach, restaurants, movies, and road trips to friends weddings. We had casual days just hanging out and spending quality time with each other. We complimented and challenged each other and have continued to do so over what has now become 10 years of marriage.

We are so hopeful that our next adventure together will be a successful adoption story. Being the oldest of five children and Ronny being the third of seven we have always dreamt of a large family of our own. While fertility issues prevented this, it has led us to adoption and for that we are so grateful. We have a huge support system (both local and around the United States) rooting for us and anticipating the arrival of our newest member. There will be no shortage of people to love and support your child throughout their entire life. We will keep our promises to you and your child. We don't know you yet, but we cherish you as well .

Our Views on Faith and Education

Our Faith: We believe in forgiveness, not holding grudges, loving others well, helping your neighbor, living with a generous heart, and showing respect and giving value to people. We are raising our children as non denominational Christians. Having a personal relationship with the Lord and understanding that Jesus loves them very much and they are filled with purpose and strength. We have a vibrant and non judgmental church family who creates spaces for people to find their passions. We are not perfect but try to model patience, love and kindness at home. We strive to live our lives as an example of the biblical principles that we teach. We attend church regularly and our children participate in the children's programs. I (Lauren) volunteer in the children's ministry. For preschool we have an amazing Christian preschool down the street from us that we love.

Education: We cannot wait to see how your child grows and develops. We know each child has different needs when it comes to learning and we will find the best place for them to thrive. Currently we are planning to send our children to public school. We bought our home in the area we did because of its incredible school district. However, when our schools were not open at the beginning of the year we decided to put our son into private kindergarten so that he could learn in person. Now that public schools are fully open our son will be going to the school down the street from us next year. We are willing and able to change plans when it's the better choice for our children. Ronny and myself are college graduates and we appreciate the experiences that college provides and the doors that a college education can open. We hope that all of our children will attend college, and they will be provided the opportunity to do so. However, if any of our children are called to a different path we will support them and help them to find the best way to follow their dreams.

Adoption Diary

Holidays! A series, starting with Christmas

We love celebrating holidays and I was thinking it would be fun to start an adoption diary series detailing how our family celebrates holidays. I’ll start with Christmas.  During Christmas time you will find our house decorated inside and out. The kids wanted colored lights this past year and they had them, everywhere, even to the top of our palm tree in the front yard! Picking out and decorating the Christmas tree is a fun tradition that we do as a family. We love Christmas carols, stockings, driving around to the best Christmas light displays, holiday movies, Christmas jammies, gift drives, cookie making, Christmas pageants at school, hot chocolate, and candy canes. We go to the Christmas Eve service at church with either my family or Ronny’s family depending on where we are. We try to alternate every other year either here or in Chicago. There are visits to see Santa, (and of course Santa comes Christmas Eve night), hanging the stockings, gingerbread house decorating, and special Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners filled with our extended families. Its a very special time to celebrate Jesus’ birth and spend time with the ones we love the very most.

Girl time

When my son is in school and my husband is at work my daughter and I get to have our own adventures. Sometimes it’s the beach.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Lauren & Ronny

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Lauren & Ronny