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Kinley & Reagan - Our Furbabies

We have two pups, Kinley & Reagan. They are both Shih-Tzus and so full of love. Kinley is the “big sister”; she just turned 5 this month (pictured above laying on the step). Reagan is the baby; she just turned 1 and we call her our “pandemic pup” - she was born in March 2020 (pictured above standing on the landing). Reagan is full of puppy energy, but is also our snuggler. She likes to curl up in our lab or right beside us to take naps, chew her bone, or play with toys. She’s curious and loved to explore, and we like watching her discover new things and interact with her environment. Kinley is our more independent pup; she is loyal, well trained (she listens!), and is the most patient big sister to her crazy puppy sibling. We already know that Reagan loves babies and babies love Reagan; we think they recognize the young spirits in each other! Neighborhood kids love Reagan, and she’s loves their attention. Kinley likes to observe kids from afar; she is always gentle and likes to “say hi” but then keeps to herself while watching from a distance. We think she will a great, patient “big sister” to baby, just like she is to Reagan’s puppy antics. We can’t wait to share all the smiles and laughs these two pups create with a little one someday!

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