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Our Story

We met at work and we believe the stars were aligned! Erin was new to the company that Andrew worked for and we were introduced through an employee networking program. A few months later we had our first date and the rest is history. As a couple, we love traveling, cooking, house projects, spending time with family & friends, and our dog! We have two dogs who we refer to as our fur babies. They keep us on our feet and put a smile on our face everyday. Kinley is 5, and greets life every day with so much excitement – from dawn until dusk she is full of personality. Reagan just turned 1 and is 100% puppy. She is so full of love and energy and we enjoy watching her learn and explore. We love to travel, whether a long weekend away in our own state exploring new places, a destination filled with history, or a week-long vacation with the ocean as our backdrop. Pausing to appreciate life, taking time to relax, and discovering/learning new things is important for us to incorporate into our routine. We enjoy the domestic side of life as well – we like doing projects around the house whether that be something as simple as yard beautification, choosing a new paint color, picking out a new piece of furniture or artwork, or redecorating. Finally, we are lovers of food! We like to try new restaurants while traveling, but also like cooking at home. We enjoy trying new recipes and styles of cooking, having themed dinner nights, and learning about healthy alternatives. Often cooking something together is incorporated into our date nights, but we also enjoy entertaining at our home with family and friends.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a suburban neighborhood that is filled with many young families, great schools, and close access to many parks. Our home is 2 stories with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths, and a fully fenced-in backyard.


adoptive family photo - Andrew Andrew is a thoughtful, hardworking, and dedicated man. He has strong family values, is driven at work, and has a place for faith in his life. His thoughtfulness towards others is one of the characteristics that was most apparent when I started to get to know him. He writes me a “good morning” text and quick message to start the day every single morning, something that he started around our first date and has not stopped since. He takes time to handwrite thank you notes that are genuine and heartfelt. He sends flowers when he occasionally has to travel for work, just to let me know he is thinking of me while he is away. He is also dedicated to his family – even though they live out of state, he keeps connected to parents and siblings via weekly phone calls, emails, and texts. Andrew has a high drive for success – he likes new challenges at work, solving problems, and seeing his efforts come to fruition. Andrew is active around the house, whether it be taking care of the yard, doing indoor chores, taking care of the pups, or cooking a meal - he will often cross things off from my to-do list without my asking, to ease the burden when I’m busy with work or other errands. I have found a true life partner, and I’m beyond lucky to call him my husband. In his spare time, Andrew likes to golf, plan trips, and visit family.


adoptive family photo - Erin Erin shows a lot of passion, drive, and dedication for the things that are most important in her life. She is a nurturer, a provider, a listener, and the best partner – both in life’s good and toughest moments. I am beyond blessed to have found her and I’m very proud to call her my wife. Erin’s calm nature is inviting, she is generally quieter, but also very honest and direct. She is sure of who she is and what she believes in, but also accepts others as they are and is empathetic to life’s varying situations. She knows that life is a journey with both ups and downs, with lessons to be learned and blessings to be thankful for all along the way. In her spare time, Erin likes to garden – she looks forward to designing her flower pots each Spring, she loves the changes of the seasons, celebrating holidays and enjoys decorating accordingly. She likes baking, cooking, and hosting gatherings. She is an organizer and keeps our lives on track with to-do lists, calendar reminders, organizing logistics, and making sure we consider all the details. This may come with the nature of her work, she is an Accountant by education, and appreciates a methodical approach to accomplishing tasks. However, her life experiences have made her value the journey – that life doesn’t happen in a controlled order or even perhaps the way that we envisioned it – but everything happens for a reason. For all of these reasons, she will make a great stay-at-home Mom when the time comes to welcome a little one into our family.

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