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I love telling our story. This is Andrea btw:). We met through our parents who were part of a Hispanic social group. They had organized a holiday party (one that I did not want to go to btw). I obviously went. I ended up watching Titanic and crying my eyes out, which is when Mirko walked in lol. He didn't understand why I was crying as hard as I was. In my defense, it was the scene where Jack dies. I remember thinking "what is wrong with him!? This is so sad!". So in typical Mirko fashion, he started making fun of the movie, which then got me laughing. We talked for the rest of the night. I liked him right away. We exchanged numbers and our friendship took off from there, but we both knew it was more than just a friendship. I honestly don't remember exactly when the transition from friendship to dating happened. It was just natural shift. We dated for 7 years before we got engaged. We both wanted an intimate ceremony. No fuss. So we decided to get married at the Ladies Pavilion in Central Park in NYC surrounded by our immediate family and a handful of friends. We had lunch at a local restaurant afterwards. It was absolutely perfect. We love our time together. We try to have a date night once a week and sushi is a must! We are big fans of 80's music and I love karaoke (Mirko prefers to listen to me belt out Journey lol). We also enjoy acting like tourists in NYC. There are so many places we have yet to visit. I could go on and on about us- in conclusion, we are just an authentic couple who loves and laughs a whole lot every single day.

Our Home

We live in 1400 sqft. house. It's a split which basically means there are several different levels. It's fully fenced and we live on dead-end street so it's very safe for children to play. It's also very private. We don't have neighbors on one side or behind us.


adoptive family photo - Andrea I feel that my patience and vulnerability make me a good partner, and I'd like to think that I'm a good listener who responds with kindness and compassion. I'm also loyal to a fault. I think the traits that make me a good partner will also make me a good parent.


I feel my best when I'm giving instead of taking. I'm the type of person that gives the shirt of my back if you need it. I think laughter is the best medicine so I try to make friends and family laugh all the time. Those are the traits that make me a good partner and will make me a great dad too.

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Andrea & Mirko

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Andrea & Mirko