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Last Week

This last week we hit our one month of being an active couple.  We are still doing research to try and learn everything we can to be better adoptive parents.  Rachel was reading someone’s adoption story this week that talked about how God was working behind the scenes when they didn’t even know it to prepare them for their baby that was already born.  That really resonated with us because thinking back to if we had matched the day we went active we wouldn’t have been in the place we are today emotionally with open adoption. When we first started looking into adoption we didn’t think we wanted an open adoption. However, now we would probably a little sad if we weren’t able to provide our child an open adoption.  We have realized how important it is for our child’s identity and well being to know who their birth parents are and how much they care for them.  We believe being a parent means always doing what is best for your child and open adoption is one of those things. 

Also in our lives last week- we had a sleepover with our niece.  She had so much fun playing with Charlie and Zori (our dogs) and making a pallet of blankets in the floor to sleep on. She is loving all the baby stuff (see picture below).  We also went to a couple of baseball games for Sy during the week. On Friday night after dinner at Rachel’s grandparents house we stopped to check cows on the way home and had two new calves!

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We would like to share what is going on in our day to day lives, with a big chunk of that right now being our adoption journey.

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