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We have been happily married almost 4 years. On our first date we went to Chili's and Rachel stole Josh's heart when she asked if he wanted to order off the 2 for $20 menu! Ha! Rachel being the outspoken person she is asked if Josh would ever considering having more children since she always knew she wanted to be a mom and he said yes. We knew we had great chemistry after first meeting and fell in love quickly. Rachel jumped right in to coming to sports games and dinners with Josh’s boys, Jake(19) and Sy(17). We weren't sure what path would lead to us growing our family initially, but our experience with infertility not only opened our eyes to the beauty of adoption, but also strengthened our
marriage which will allow us to be better parents.

A little about our lives:

Our week always starts with going to church on Sunday morning, followed by a lunch with Rachel's side of the family at the local Mexican restaurant. Throughout the week we live a pretty normal life, with the exception of during the spring and fall we do get to go on a quick trip out to the field to check cows for new calves before we have dinner together. Another weekly tradition is Friday night dinners at Rachel's grandparents house with all her extended family. We have a home cooked meal and afterwards we visit while the kids play games or venture outside for hide and seek. We also typically see Jake and Sy (Josh's sons) throughout the week whether it be at a baseball game or them coming by to visit and work on the farm and Josh's parents live just down the road from us. Needless to say, we have a lot of family that are close to us both in proximity and in our lives!

We really enjoy being outdoors and living on a farm definitely gives us that opportunity. We also really like to go to the river and go kayaking or just hang out with family or friends there and we live just about 5 minutes away. Rachel loves to be in the water whether it is the river, pool or occasionally the beach! We both share a love of travel so we try to go on at least two vacations a year doing things like exploring national parks or just relaxing somewhere beautiful. Living in Missouri, we are near a lot of rivers, lakes and just beautiful places to hike and explore, so we often take a quick weekend trip to see some of those.

On the other spectrum, we do really enjoy just relaxing inside and binge watching a TV series together. We seem to go through phases with everything from Fixer Upper or most recently we've gotten really into true crime shows. We always make it a priority to have dinner together each night and usually take turns throughout the week on who makes dinner. When it is nice out we often are out on the deck grilling. We can't wait to have a little one to share our lives with and teach them the things we love and learn what they will love to do as well!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a rural area in southern Missouri where you won't hear traffic, but instead the sound of farm animals. We have about 120 acres and our land has mostly open fields where you can run and play but also some woods for a quick adventure. We look forward to filling up the yard with play houses, slides and swing sets. Inside our three-bedroom home, we have an open floor plan where we can cook and still socialize and watch a child play. We spend most of our time in this area whether it is eating or watching a TV show together. To us, our home is a place our child will always feel comfortable and where we can form lasting memories as a family.

We live about 15 minutes from town, which is where we both work. There you can find all the fun activities- a movie theater, bowling alley, skating, parks and plenty of dining options. We also have several friends that have very young children which means our child will have plenty of friends for play-dates.

Our area is very close to so many unique outdoor amenities. We live about 5 minutes away from a river where we often go on float trips or can just go spend an afternoon letting our little one splash around and catch craw-dads or little fish in a net. There are also lakes and many neat child friendly trails that you can easily go to for a weekend adventure!


adoptive family photo - Rachel I am 30 years old, happily married and ready to be a mom! Although I do have two step sons, they are both almost adults so I didn’t get the experience of raising them or having a young child, more of being an extra person to support and be there for them! I’m definitely a planner and very motivated with everything I set my heart to. I grew up in the area that we live now but my family didn’t farm like Josh's although we did have land all around us to run and play. When I met Josh and started coming out to his farm I really had a lot to learn. I even buckled up the first time I rode in the tractor (yeah, that’s not something you do lol). But I have really grown to love our farm and being able to get outside and have activities to do. So our lives consist of the perfect combination of his world and mine! I will be a very hands on mother with everything from dropping our child off at school, doing homework, playing together, making dinner, bath time and just everything that encompasses motherhood!


adoptive family photo - Josh I am 42 and was born and raised in southern Missouri. I grew up farming so that is something that I really enjoy. We have about 50 mom cows, half of them have calves in the spring and half in the fall. One of the most important parts of my life and who I am is being a father to my two boys. Sy loves baseball and so I always try to make it to every game to support him while Jake is more into farming so I try to spend any chance I get with him doing that. When I met Rachel I knew I was ready to have another child with her and we are excited to adopt!

I have worked for the bread company as a salesman/delivery driver for about 20 years now. One thing that is nice about my job is that I am off work on Wednesdays and Fridays during the week so I am hoping to be able to keep our little one those days. I am hoping to retire from the bread company in the next few years and mainly farm with a part time job possibly which will give me a lot more time to spend with the family!

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