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I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. I ventured to Southern California for college, where I got my degree in Fashion Design. The ocean air soaked in to my system and lured me to stay in Los Angeles for 27 years, which I enjoyed but Colorado has always been home and I recently relocated back to Littleton, Colorado to be with family.

I took my love clothes and storytelling and turned it in to a fun career working in Costumes for the entertainment industry. My favorite part of my job is reading the script, creating a vision of each character & and bringing them to life with their clothing. Each job is different which keeps my creativity alive & and challenges me to look deeper & and help find the character. People watching can sometimes be the best inspiration. I have spent years designing for movies, along with taking care of actors and their costumes on set for various television shows. I am currently working as a Costume Supervisor, which keeps me involved with breaking down scripts, budgets, shopping and managing our crew - a little bit of everything, which I enjoy! I’ve been very lucky with this new position that I am able to travel for work. While my home base is Colorado, I do go back & and forth to Los Angeles when I have a show or even like last year where I got to shoot on location in Cancun, Mexico & and New Mexico. Once I adopt, I plan to spend more time in Colorado, working remotely when possible and taking jobs closer to home.

My Home

photo of adoptive family's home I live in beautiful Littleton, Colorado. It’s a suburb right next door to Denver and is full of parks, bike paths and trails. I recently relocated back here to be near family and am currently living with my mom who can’t wait to spoil her future grandchild! She has introduced me to her great community of neighbors and friends. I am so grateful for my expanding village.

It’s an active community here with young families and dog lovers out and about. Ziggy enjoys his daily walks around the neighborhood with my mom’s dog, Glinda. Together they are 2 dogs taking on the world one sniff at a time. He’s gotten to meet and make some new puppy friends. Our city also ranks high with several local schools for when the time comes.

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