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When Halloween comes to town

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays because there’s a parade through the town with hundreds of kids and families collecting candy. Our team at the coffee shop dresses in costume for the day and it’s always great fun! Read more »

Halloween fun!

Our team at the coffee shop loves to find creative costumes for Halloween. This is us last year, and now we’re busy thinking about what to wear this time around! Read more »

Celebrating Four Years!

This week, we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. We met over eight years ago in New York, and we knew very early on that we wanted the chance to be parents together. Deciding to adopt a child, and going through this process, has brought highs and lows for both of us. But we know it’s the right thing for our Read more »

Exploring NY apple farms!

September is one of our favorite months, and we took the day off this week to explore a farm in the Hudson Valley, not far from where we live. Such a fun day out - warm sunshine, good food, and the chance to just walk in the countryside and relax a little! Read more »

Summer vacay!

We’ve been busy getting Scott’s kids ready to start the college year, and realized we needed a little time for the two of us to recharge and enjoy the summer. Here’s us spending a little time away - beach, boating, biking and relaxing. Loved every minute! Read more »

Ready for a baby?

When we talk to people about hoping to adopt, they often ask…why do you want to start over with a baby, when your husband’s kids are college-age? Having seen Scott with his kids over the past few years, I know how much he loves being a Dad. That’s why he totally understands how much I want to be a Mom. Read more »

Why do we want to adopt?

We’ve thought so much about adoption, that we just know it’s right for our family. From all the reading we’ve done, from talking to families who’ve adopted, and conversations with expectant moms, we know it takes ongoing courage, strength, and love - on all sides. We also know that we’re ready to Read more »

When you need a break…

When your mind feels busy and things are hectic, we love to get outside and walk. There’s something about being close to water that instantly makes you slow down and breathe a little more deeply. We needed this today and it worked! Read more »

Just a few years ago

...just a few years ago, I was already living in New York and flew back to London to meet my youngest niece for the first time. I love this photo because it captures what a special time it was for all of us! Read more »

Making the most of the day

Yesterday, it felt warmer than it has done in weeks so we took our chance to get outside for a long walk together. It’s one of our most favorite things to do…nowhere else to be, just being outside and seeing the signs of spring on its way. Feeling hopeful! Read more »

Mom’s birthday

Katy’s mom’s birthday is coming up in March, and we both love this pic of them from our wedding. Her mom really doesn’t like having her photo taken, so this is a rare one (but a great one!). Read more »

Friday hoops

We’re on our way up north to see our nephew play college basketball - first game we’ve been able to go to, and we can’t wait! Read more »

Now THAT is romantic!

It’s easy to think that being romantic is all about hearts and flowers. Two years ago, Scott drew this one night on the chalkboard in our coffee shop. I came in for work the next morning, and there it was! The sweetest and most romantic gesture. The photo popped up on my phone and every time I see it, it makes me Read more »

Hearts everywhere!

We went for a walk today on the nature trail by our apartment. When we looked down, there were heart shaped leaves everywhere along the trail! It was the craziest thing…we’ve never seen them before like that. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and it felt like a little message from the universe to slow down and see Read more »

Wait, is is Friday again?

Every Friday, we look at each other and say, “wait, is this another Friday?” because the weeks seem to go so fast. There’s something about Friday evenings, where we take a pause and catch our breath from everything that happened this week. Heading into Valentine’s Day weekend thinking about every one Read more »

Wait, is is Friday again?

Every Friday, we look at each other and say, “wait, is this another Friday?” because the weeks seem to go so fast. There’s something about Friday evenings, where we take a pause and catch our breath from everything that happened this week. Heading into Valentine’s Day weekend thinking about every one Read more »

When your parents plan a trip!

My parents (this is Katy) still live in London, England, where I grew up. They’re planning a trip to NY later this year. This pic is from the last time they were here in New York. We had so much fun showing them around New York City and also our local neighborhood here in the suburbs. They can’t wait to be Read more »

Why adopt now?

My husband Scott has kids from his first marriage, and his youngest (his son) will be leaving home to start college this summer. Someone asked us recently, ‘why would you want to start over again, by adopting a baby or a young child?’ and the answer is, because we know we can provide a great home for a child, and Read more »

Learning as we go

Last night, we joined an online event for people hoping to adopt. We heard from three birth moms who’d all placed their babies for adoption over the past few years. It was amazing to hear their stories - three very different, equally brave and strong women, who had found peace with their decision to place their Read more »

A cosy snow day

Today we took a snow day off from the coffee shop. This is the cosy fire in the communal area of our apartment building. We love it on a snowy day like today - it’s calm and cosy and feels like the perfect spot to curl up and read a book! Read more »

Making plans

Next month, Scott and I will have been together for 8 years! Since we first started dating, we always imagined our life with a little one running around. With Scott’s kids now grown up, we’re always talking about adoption and how much we’d love to be parents together. We already have a great family. We just Read more »

Sometimes, it’s the small things

We took this photo of the three of us hanging out just before dinner one night at home. Sometimes it’s the small things like this that make us a family. We will miss this face when he leaves for college later this year! Read more »

A very happy memory

This photo popped up on my phone today as a ‘memory’ and it always makes me happy when I see it. My youngest niece, Daisy, was still a baby then. Every time I’d go back to London, she was changing and learning new skills. Those cuddles were the best!! Read more »

Thinking about college

Right now, Scott’s son is applying to college. It’s an exciting time, but can be a little stressful at times. They love to hang out and play pool as a way to switch off. I know we’ll miss him like crazy when he leaves for college, so it’s great to make the most of the time we have while he’s Read more »

Snow came to NY!

We had our first proper snow of the season! There’s something about that first snowfall that feels like everything is possible…the sun came out, the trees are sparkling. We’re feeling it this year! Read more »

Time for a break!

We love to get outside for a hike, but it’s not always easy to find time to get away! This holiday season, we made sure we took a couple of days upstate in NY. This is us taking a hike in the woods.  Was so nice to get away and spend quality time together! Read more »

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