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Our Story

We met in college and it was love at first sight–for Jon :). He asked Nadia for her number and she said no! But we kept running into each other and soon started dating. Loving each other is the easiest and best thing we’ve ever done.

We’re both passionate about our careers, but we know what’s truly important in life and we never sweat the small stuff. We’re silly and easy going. We love being outside and creating new things. We like to travel, especially to National Parks, and exploring new cities. We have a piece of art from every place we’ve been!

We love spending quiet time with each other and also having noisy and chaotic get-togethers with all our friends and family! We have a BIG circle of wonderful people and are surrounded by so much love.

We have two dogs who are the light of our lives! We rescued our a 4-year-old Aussie mix from a local shelter. He is super gentle, incredibly wise, and a big mush. We are also fostering an energetic 1-year-old black Lab puppy. She’s a guide dog in-training and we have been training her since she was 8 weeks old. She’s super smart and we hope she gets to be a guide dog for someone who is blind.

We also love gardening—we grow veggies, fruit, and flowers. We go to the farmer’s market every weekend and are always learning about ways to help the environment.

Family traditions are important to us and we’re looking forward to creating some with our kids, like making homemade pasta on Valentine’s day, hiking in the mountains on New Years, and donating to charities every Christmas.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a charming waterfront village in New York. Sunset over the harbor is pure magic.

​Our town has a lot of history, a strong sense of community, and lots of fun traditions like live music in the park, art shows, street fairs, and parades.

We have an excellent school system and opportunities for activities like sailing, swimming, ballet, theatre, karate, and science camp! New York City is a quick train ride away when we want to go to a museum, show, or concert.

We've renovated our home through the years so it reflects who we are, and we've created the perfect space for a little one to grow up here. The nursery is nearly finished and is filled with bright colors and happy vibes.

​Our favorite part of our home is the organic garden we created in our backyard. It even has a chicken coop that Jon built! Our hens lay fresh eggs for us daily and we love watching them run around the backyard.


adoptive family photo - Nadia (as told by Jon) Nadia is a smart, independent, compassionate, and trustworthy woman.

She's the least superficial person I know and she really cares about being true to her morals.

She's great at balancing work and fun, and always plans cool outings and new things for us to try. She always makes quality time with the ones she loves her top priority.

She loves to read, explain science stuff, paint, draw, and make all kinds of crafts and creative projects. She always has good music on and loves going to concerts.

She is a great cook who likes trying new recipes and hosting dinner parties. She always makes fun holiday-themed food like chicken "fingers" on Halloween and Lucky Charms treats on St. Patrick's day.

She's incredibly patient, dedicated, and loving with our pups and I know she'll do the same with our future kids.


adoptive family photo - Jon (as told by Nadia) Jon is adventurous, ambitious, reliable, even-tempered, confident, and persistent.

He's passionate about creating new parks and quiet areas for people to play, share, and make memories.

He's incredibly loyal and the type of guy who will move mountains to help someone he loves.

He loves sailing and races competitively with a team of his closest friends. He's also good at woodworking and great at fixing everything I break!

He's a huge a goofball and a big kid at heart. He makes up silly songs and words to make me laugh, and gives the best hugs.

He's protective (but not overbearing) and is always keeping an eye out for me, my sisters, and my friends.

Seeing how he cares for his family, our dogs, and even our chickens, I know he is going to be an incredible dad.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Nadia & Jon

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Nadia & Jon