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Lake Life!

Last weekend we had our first lake trip of the year! Nick’s parents have a cabin on a lake about an hour from our house and we love spending time there with them in the summertime. Although it was a little too chilly to go swimming this trip, we did get out on the boat a few times and had plenty of time for games and snacks on the deck. We also had our first bonfire and s’mores of the year! Yay for summers at the lake! Read more »

Concerts are Back!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! We started our long weekend off by going to a concert with Kelcey’s dad and his friend. It was a little different with everyone in their own social distanced, roped off “pod” but it was SO great to be watching live music again! We hope you have a great weekend with your family and friends Read more »

Student Spotlight

This week our daughter, Abby, got a student spotlight on the announcements at school! Abby is in 8th grade at the school where we both teach so we got to see her shoutout broadcast to the whole building. Although Nick can’t be her Social Studies teacher, Abby is in Nick’s homeroom so they get to begin each day together. Read more »

Softball Season!

Happy Saturday everyone! It’s softball season at our house! Abby is on the modified softball team for her school this year…the same one Nick and I work at! So our days lately have been filled with driving to and from practice and going to her games…and we love it!! Abby’s favorite position is left Read more »

Mother’s Day Weekend

Spent this weekend celebrating our moms with some quality time and, of course, cake! We made two of these cakes, one for each of our moms, and it was a joint effort. Nick baked the layers and Kelcey did the filling, frosting and decorating. We hope that you had a nice weekend celebrating the women in your lives,  be it Read more »

4/30/21: Jam Session

Our whole family loves music! Nick plays guitar and while he doesn’t perform anymore, he still likes to play pretty regularly. Here he is last weekend playing his guitar and Henry decided to sing back-up! One of our favorite things to do is go to concerts and see live-music, particularly outdoors in the summer time. Read more »

Meet Frodo the Fish!

Yesterday, Abby picked out a Beta fish to add to our family pets! She set up the tank herself and is excited to have a new little buddy for her room. We just have to make sure her door stays closed so the cats don’t think he’s a new toy! Welcome to the family Frodo! Read more »

4/18/21: Surprise!

Yesterday, we went with Kelcey’s parents and sister to a surprise 50th Birthday party for a good family friend! Kelcey’s dad was in charge of distracting the birthday boy during the day and then bringing him to the party. The surprise was a success and it was fun being part of it. We always love spending time with Read more »

4/10/21: Family Dinner!

Yesterday we went to Kelcey’s parents’ house for a belated Easter dinner with her mom and dad, her brother and his girlfriend. Kelcey’s mom made Easter goodie bags for everyone with jelly bean-filled eggs. After dinner we played games while our dog Henry moved between laps. It was a great evening! Read more »

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