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Lyn and Chap

  • Hiking in Colorado
  • Wyoming
  • Storytime
  • Quiet moment with Lyn
  • We love Christmas
  • Cooking with Lyn
  • Learning to wakeboard in Wyoming!
  • Lyn
  • Making the sauce
  • Prepping the sauce
  • Seattle
  • Walking on the town beach

Our Family

  • Olivia's 17th birthday
  • New Years Eve at Disneyland
  • Bennett and Riley, Chap's two sons.
  • Chap's daughter Olivia and Lyn.
  • Chap and his kids at Riley's Confirmation.
  • Silly dad, happy kids.
  • Lyn and her parents, Joe and Jean.
  • Dad and daughter drive.
  • Dad and his princess.
  • Lyn and her neice, Lauren.
  • Lyn parents at their 50th Anniversary.
  • Lyn and Emma on Christmas morning.
  • Lyn and her family at Thanksgiving.
  • Chap the his boys.
  • Lyn lovin' up nephew Dylan.
  • Making pizza with the kids.
  • Riley and Olivia.
  • Lyn and her niece Emma doing yoga
  • Grandma Jean and Emma
  • Lyn and her sister, Debbie

Our Home


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Lyn & Chap

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Lyn & Chap