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Adoption disruption

We’ve been quiet for a month or so because we had matched with an expectant mom and have been spending time talking with her daily, bonding with her, and supporting her emotionally as well as financially. We flew out to meet her and be present for the birth of the baby, and she ended up changing her adoption plan and deciding to parent her baby. Of course that is her right and always the first choice, and she was never obligated to follow the adoption plan and does not owe us anything, including an explanation. However we do feel we deserved to be told that she no longer wants to continue. Unfortunately after arriving in her state and her telling us she was at a family party, she posted a picture of the baby in the hospital on Instagram. We would have respected her choice and never gave her any reason to think we wouldn’t, so the lie hit us pretty hard. We remain hopeful that it will happen for us one day.

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Megan and Mark

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Megan and Mark