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Gena & Kenny

The 3 musketeers looking to add a fourth to our fun-loving family!

First, we want to thank you for taking the time to visit our profile and learning more about us. We are Gena and Kenny from NY .We are a down to earth, fun-loving family of 3 hoping to grow our family through the miracle of adoption. We want you to know that our hearts are open and so full of love to give another child. We feel there is no greater blessing than that of a child. We love being parents and our son will be an amazing big brother with his sweet, kindhearted, full of life personality. He prays every night for a brother or sister and he will be a protective and loving one.

Family is our number one priority and spending time together is so important to us. We cherish being with each other whether it's playing board games, having movie night, sleepovers, traveling to new places, enjoying the outdoors or just having our normal dinner routine of catching up on each other's days. Most of all, we love building memories together. We are committed to making sure we have a home filled with unconditional love, endless amounts of joy, stability and encouragement. We will instill strong moral values, a belief in faith, promote kindness and an openness to cultural diversity. We will honor your child's identity, including race, ethnicity, culture and heritage. We will ensure that your child has the opportunities to learn, explore and discover new things throughout their life and for them to achieve their hopes and dreams.

Lastly and most importantly, we want you to know that we think you are a very courageous and strong woman. We know that this decision is an incredibly difficult one for you and we admire your selflessness. As parents ourselves, we understand that you are trying to do the best that you can for your child and we will support you throughout this process. We would love to help navigate this unexpected journey together. Wherever life has taken us or whatever it has thrown our way, we have always been by each other's side working together as a team. We would love to be by your side if you are comfortable with that or whatever your preference may be. We are more than ready to go, have plenty of love to give and look forward to hearing from you soon.

With gratitude & love,
Gena and Kenny

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It seems like Kenny and I have known each other forever. He is my family’s veterinarian and would take care of all our pets throughout the years. Our paths had crossed many times through the caring of our animals but it wasn’t until my own cat got sick that we had more direct contact with each other. I remember the night that I had to euthanize my cat. It was a very emotional time and he came over to me and gently put his arm around me. I had thought that was a very kind, emphatic thing to do. Shortly after that, I sent him a thank you card which he saved and still has displayed in his office to this day. It was six months later that I received a message from him, at first I thought “could I have forgotten to pay my bill” but then he said he was calling to ask me out on a date. On our first date, the conversation flowed so well, there was no awkwardness, we were so much in our own world that we didn’t even realize that the restaurant was closing. We knew from that date on that we were meant to be together. We got engaged in Italy during a family vacation and as they say, the rest is history. We got married in September 2009 and moved to a beautiful town in Long Island, New York. Family is our number one priority. We always knew that we wanted to have children and more than one. Kenny is an only child and I have two older brothers. Our road to building our family has definitely been an adventure. Through it, we were blessed to have our precious son but we know that our family is not complete and our hearts have so much more love to give.

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Gena & Kenny

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