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Shipwreck Sunday!

Hello! It’s the Russell family checking in :)
It was back to work as usual for us today, but we had a really fun weekend and wanted to share the details of our day trip: We got to see a SHIPWRECK!!!!

Yes… A real life shipwreck washed up from the 1800’s and we drove out to the lakeshore to see it. Turns out, there was a beautiful lighthouse and pier to explore too.

Afterwards, we stopped at Culvers for chicken tenders and ice-cream. As I say, life is good.

We hope with all our hearts that another little munchkin will join our family. Sometimes, I think we check our profile messages 100 times a day… we are just so excited about being parents again. As we see our daughter grow, we understand how important it is for her to have a sibling to spend time and play with. And we want so badly to love (and maybe spoil… just a little) another munchkin.

If you are reading our profile and want to connect, please reach out! Even to just ask a question or find out a little more info about our family. We are super laid back and welcome any questions you may have.

Until next time… have a wonderful week.

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