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We are high school sweethearts. We recently turned 32, and also celebrated 16 years together. That’s half of our lives! We love that we have experienced so much of life with one another and feel lucky to have so many memories and stories as a couple. We look forward to one day being able to share those stories and memories with our children.
We actually met when we were much younger. We attended Wednesday evening religion classes at the same church when we were kids. It wasn’t until we ended up in the same high school though, that we got to know each other well. Both of us were in band, so we fell into the same group of friends. We first truly connected one day while helping our band director over the summer with a project at the school, and we bonded over our similar taste in books and movies.
We got married in 2013 and bought a house in our hometown. We lived there for about three years, and then we relocated to Tennessee for Alex’s job. We both loved our jobs that we had while we were there, but we realized during our three years away just how important home and family were to us. Both of our families and our lifelong friends were in St. Louis, so we were thrilled when we had an opportunity to move back in 2019.
Being home again has been truly incredible. We live within about an hour radius of all of our parents. We are within ten minutes of both Megan’s sister, as well as Alex’s sister and her husband and daughter (our niece, Isla). We are also ten minutes away from our best friends. Their daughter Violet knows us as Uncle Alex and Aunt Megan.
One thing that is so special about how long we have been together is how well our families blend seamlessly into one. Our sisters consider themselves to be each other’s sister as well. Alex’s sister, brother-in-law, and niece joined us for Thanksgiving at Megan’s dad’s house. Megan’s sister joins us for weekly dinners with Alex’s dad. Megan’s sister and Alex’s mom house-sat for us together while we were on vacation. We have an incredibly close, loving support system who cannot wait to welcome our child into their lives.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We started this summer by moving into our forever home! It is absolutely perfect for us, and we have loved every minute so far. It is in our home town, about 30 minutes outside of the city. The home comes with 3 acres, so we get to enjoy the great outdoors and so many of the activities that we love. The best part, is that it comes with some family connections as well. We bought the home from Megan's aunt and uncle (who built the house when Megan was a kid). It comes complete with a spiral staircase that her dad built and a mailbox that her grandpa built. So many wonderful family memories, and so many more to make!
There is plenty of room for a nursery and a playroom, and of course a great yard to play in! The school district that we live is award winning. The small town community will be a great place to raise a child!


adoptive family photo - Megan Growing up, I loved reading, writing, and school. I have strong memories of begging my younger sister and cousins to play school with me and creating worksheets and quizzes of my own. Teaching has truly been my passion for my whole life. I am now in my sixth year of teaching elementary school, and I absolutely love it. My job is incredibly important to me, and is a huge part of who I am. I love that I live close to where I teach and get to play an active role in the community where my students live.
I was born and raised in a small town about 30 minutes outside of St. Louis. While I live much closer to the city now, I still enjoy many of the things you can do in a less crowded area like hiking, fishing, kayaking, and gardening. My favorite places to travel are National Parks so that I can explore more of nature.
My favorite childhood memories are of how close my sister and I were with our cousins, and all the time we got to spend together. With Alex and I living so close to our sisters and nieces, we are excited for our children to get to have a similar experience growing up with their cousins.
A little more about me:
-I still love reading and writing and am a huge fan of Harry Potter. I usually go back and read the series every year. Alex teases me because any time one of the movies is on TV, I find it!
-I am an animal lover and am definitely that person that excitedly points out every animal I see.
-Holidays are a big deal to me. From the decorating, to the food, to the traditions, the obnoxious sweaters… you name it and I’m in.
-If it were possible, I would live off of coffee and nachos.


adoptive family photo - Alex When I was little I loved playing in the woods and either building things or taking them apart. As an adult, things haven’t changed much. I still love enjoying the natural world, whether I’m taking in the beauty of a National Park or exploring one of the many gorgeous spring fed streams in our area with a fishing pole or canoe. I also still love to build things through wood or metalworking projects, and take things apart through restoring antique tools. I really enjoy learning the ins and outs of how things work, and just learning new things in general.
I work as a Metallurgical Engineer in a steel mill and like that I have a part in making such a useful material out of rocks and recycled scrap. I love getting to work with customers and helping them solve problems. It’s also fun to work in such a cool environment with giant machines and glowing super-hot metal.
Family is hugely important to me, and I feel very fortunate to be able to live close to both Megan and I’s parents and siblings. We really want to give our children a strong sense of family, and the support and love that we have always gotten from both of ours.
A little more about me:
-I also love reading, especially sci-fi and historical biographies.
-I love to cook and enjoy using old family recipes. I’m excited to continue the tradition of passing them down and have family cooking nights at home.
-I’m a big Star Wars fan
-My dad and I have gone on an annual father/son kayaking trip every year since I was eight. I would love to continue this tradition with my children.

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