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We started dating in college after attending many church activities together for a year. Heidi moved back home after college and so did Shane. We dated long distance for two years and then got married after Heidi finished graduate school.

Now we own a house, have a dog, rabbit, and chickens. We have many different friends and spend time with them whenever we can. We are Catholic and our faith matters greatly to us. Both of us actually work in conjunction with the Catholic Church.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home The summer of 2020 we were working with an expectant mother and so we got our nursery ready. The mother decided to keep her baby so now we have a ready nursery that is awaiting a giggling baby.

We love our home and the charm it has. Our house is walking distance to a park, ice cream shop, and library. We have many different school options available. We live on a safe street in which all the neighbors look out for one another. Our backyard is often full of little neighbor boys playing with Nerf guns or feeding the chickens.


adoptive family photo - Heidi I grew up on a farm and while I don't still live on the farm we try to go back home often. Shane has been trying to learn more about farming even though he grew up in Columbus. I would have a farm but have settled for a dog, rabbit, and chickens.

My parents were both great role models to me. My father taught my the value of hard work and my mother taught me to never give up. My mother was also open to adoption and taught me the value of life.

Whenever friends are pregnant or have little ones I try to find reasons to spend time with their families. So many of my friend's have children. I can't wait to have my own stories and I know if I have any questions my friends and family will provide support.

From Shane about Heidi: I love that Heidi puts her faith above all else. It is easy to go to church every week when it's equally important to the both of us. Praying and reading spiritual books are also important to her. I love that Heidi loves spending time with children. She doesn't work directly with kids through her work, but she makes time to visit with her friends' children. I appreciate that she is supportive of all of my decisions, whether it is changing jobs, getting up early to watch me run marathons, or pushing me out of bed to go to men's group in the morning. I admire that she always puts others before herself. Her line of work is stressful and at times can be exhausting, but she has never regretted her counseling career. She also always makes herself available when her mother calls to talk for extended amounts of time. Heidi is someone that I can be my goofy self around without feeling judged. I enjoy our memories made together by going on vacations and to concerts. I am thankful that I found someone who shares many of my same interests.


adoptive family photo - Shane I grew up in a combination of a small town and a big city. My parents are great role models that I look up to of how I want to parent. They always had my siblings and I involved in activities like sports and cub scouts. They were always sacrificing their time to coach and come to our sporting events and also be involved with our activities. Every year we would take a family vacation and that is something Heidi and I have continued to do together. Since I have been a teacher I have grown in my level of patience and having empathy for my students. I enjoy going to their volleyball and basketball games.

From Heidi about Shane: I enjoy Shane's sense of humor and relaxed demeanor. Shane has always impressed me with his faith and the fact that he isn't afraid to defend it. He gets up early to pray and goes to men's group at church. I also love seeing him smile when he is spending time with his nephews and nieces. He has stamina to run MORE THAN ONE marathon, which to me is unfathomable. His dedication to training shows how hard he works to reach his goals. Shane also impresses me with his dedication to teaching. He has only wanted to teach at Catholic Schools and has stuck with his goal and never wavered. When I was considering what qualities I wanted in a husband, I always knew I wanted someone who wasn't afraid to work on the farm, so seeing Shane on farm equipment brings me joy! While he doesn't have any farm experience, he has never hesitated to jump in and help either of my parents. Another thing I love about Shane is how loud and off-key he sings throughout the house.

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Heidi and Shane

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Heidi and Shane