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Heidi and Shane

Dear Expectant Mother,

Our hearts go out to you as you walk this difficult journey. We want to walk along side of you and pray for peace and clarity. Please reach out if you have questions anytime throughout the process. We are open to continuing the relationship even after the adoption is finalized.

Rest assured that your baby will know how much he or she is loved by you.

Please also know that we are state licensed to adopt which means we have gone through an extensive process to make sure we are equipped to care for your baby.

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Who We Are

We started dating in college after attending many church activities together for a year. Heidi moved back home after college and so did Shane. We dated long distance for two years and then got married after Heidi finished graduate school.

Now we own a house, have a dog, rabbit, and chickens. We have many different friends and spend time with them whenever we can. We are Catholic and our faith matters greatly to us. Both of us actually work in conjunction with the Catholic Church.

Adoption Diary


Our community is great. Yesterday we had neighborhood children gathered in our yard playing a game of baseball. They didn’t even mind the rain! We often join in and play along.

Another example of our community support is caring for Heidi’s chickens. One neighbor donated his time and talent to build the coop, another shingles, another gives them scraps to eat, and another watches them when we are gone!

We really do have great neighbors and a lot of other children to be role models to our own.

A Father’s Perspective

A great benefit of my job as a teacher is that I have very ideal hours of when I am working and the work that needs to be done at home like grading papers can be very flexible and done when our child is taking a nap or sleeping. It’s also a benefit to have summers and major holidays off, so we are able to spend a lot of time at the zoo, which is only 40 minutes away. There are also many local parks and ice cream shops around that we would be able to spend a lot of time at that are walking distance. There are many fishing spots to be able to spend quality time together learning how to fish. My dad was always present when I was growing up and I am going to be very present in my child(ren)’s life. 

Our yard is also a good size to be able to play catch and there is plenty of space for a playset. Most of our yard is fenced in and there are quite a few neighborhood kids that live around us.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Heidi and Shane

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Heidi and Shane