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"Our Story"
We met on an internet dating site. After a few back and forth emails, we decided to meet for a Malaysian cuisine dinner date. We lived quite a distance away, so
many dates revolved around dining out or movies. Jackie was not into food as much as Anthony was, so experiencing different ethnic cuisines was exciting for her. Before we knew it, we started a weekly routine where every Friday we would enjoy Cuban food. We dated for three years and that’s when we realized we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We tied the knot with an evening full of food tasting and jazz playing. It was quite romantic!

The things we love to do together. Attend food truck events, street fairs, fundraisers, and community festivals. Hike on various waterfall trails and take long walks around the county park. Celebrate our favorite season fall through Halloween haunts, apple/pumpkin picking, and hayrides. Weekend trips to beachy areas or to the lake for a little boating.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a diverse, suburban community with close-knit neighbors. Our three-bedroom home, has a back deck in a nice fenced yard and a beautiful large enclosed front porch, is located a block away from two schools, the police station, the boys and girls club, and a park. The park contains tennis courts and a track for walking or running. Some benefits of living in this location include the distance from shops, restaurants, schools, the city, and having just about everything you need close enough to not have to be inconvenienced completing tasks.


adoptive family photo - Jackie I grew up in a quaint town comprised of a close-knit, diverse community. Some of my favorite childhood memories include playing Barbies with my sister, swimming in my neighbor’s pool, attending youth group activities and girl scouts, and absorbing all of the unique tidbits the town library had to offer.

As an adult, I am interested in enjoying time away at my mom’s lake house. I enjoy swimming, taking a boat ride, or going to the beach and boardwalk. Besides that, I enjoy scrapbooking memories and baking cookies. For my job, I work for a sporting goods distributor. I have been there so long that my position is flexible enough that I can have time off whenever I need. I also work at our local library as an assistant. I love helping people and solving their problems.

Anthony sees Jackie as being a positive reinforcement for love, support, and encouragement in your child's life. Whenever the child's day needs brightening Jackie will be there to do anything to meet there needs accordingly.


adoptive family photo - Anthony I grew up in a diverse township full of people and retail spaces. Some of my favorite childhood memories include participating in sports, collecting action figures, and swimming in our pool with my friends. I also was fond of going with my parents on trips across the country while they were involved in charitable organizations.

As an adult, some of my interests include growing herbs, learning about ingredients and foods,
and collecting recipes. I love to cook and you can feel confident your child will enjoy homemade meals full of quality fresh ingredients. For my job, I work from home and enjoy having that flexibility. I work as a buyer for a heavy-duty automotive parts distributor. I analyze root cause issues, help solve issues, and improve processes.

Jackie sees Anthony as being a very hands-on father, teaching your child how to cook and being supportive in whatever activities the child wants to be involved in. Anthony will be a very nurturing and honest father.

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Jackie and Anthony

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Jackie and Anthony