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Our Story

I’m so grateful for my family – we genuinely love spending time together and we always support each other, no matter what. My entire family is ready and waiting to shower your child with love and welcome him or her to the family!

Family dinners, family vacations, and extended family holiday celebrations were a cherished part of my childhood and they continue to this day! I can’t wait to share these traditions with your child, and create new traditions too.

My family and friends are excited to embrace your child!

My mom, Bev, is my best friend! I’m so glad she lives nearby. We talk on the phone every day, get together all the time, and enjoy family vacations together every summer.
She is an amazing woman and role model, and a wonderful “Nana” to my nieces and nephews (Andrew, Kevin, Sky, and Quinn). I know she’ll be similarly incredible with your child. She’s up for anything, fun, kind, and thoughtful – my friends adore her!

My older brother, Todd, lives close too, and we all enjoy spending time with one another. I am grateful to Todd and his wife Lisa for giving me three awesome nephews and an amazing niece (they blended their family – Todd had two sons, and Lisa had a son and a daughter). I’m so proud of Andrew, Kevin, Sky, and Quinn, and I’m happy to have lived near them as they’ve grown up. My brother is an incredible dad, and he will be a wonderful role model for your child, too.

I have many friends who live in my neighborhood, and it’s great being an “honorary aunt” to their kids. One of the things I love the most about my town is its incredible diversity and inclusivity -- everyone is welcomed, accepted, respected, valued, and included.

A glimpse into my life…

My mom Bev and dad John taught me to live fully, love deeply, and dedicate myself to making this world a better place. I think it’s important to work hard, and equally important to have fun and live each day to the fullest. For me, no day is complete without friends and family in it, whether that means a phone call just to say hi, a funny “this made me think of you” text, a quick bite to eat out, or a casual get-together at a friend’s house.

My life today…Filled with Family, Friends, and Adventure

Traveling is important to me – I love exploring cities and small towns, and visiting beaches, mountains, and everything in between. England, Bermuda, Colorado, and Maine are some of my favorite places to visit.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home My home and my pets

My home has a large, fenced-in back yard where I love to play with my dog Henry, enjoy meals on the patio, read a great book, and hang out with friends and family. The family room has sliding doors that lead right to the deck and yard, so we’re constantly enjoying fresh air and sunshine.

I live within walking distance of the public library, shops and restaurants, parks and playgrounds, the local pool, and the elementary school. Many of my close friends live just minutes away, and the school system is among the best in the nation.

Henry is my two-year-old rescue dog – he’s an energetic, loyal, and loving Lab mix. He loves attention and my friends and coworkers adore him. My cats Cougar and Puma are brother and sister – I rescued them from a local shelter about 7 years ago.

An amazing town to raise kids in!

There are so many parks and outdoor spaces that I can’t wait to explore with your child.

The library has an incredible children’s section and visits from authors near and far.

There’s a coffee shop, where I always run into good friends. I’ve lived in the same town for many years, so I’m lucky to have a huge circle of friends nearby all the time.

There is a community farm, where you can pick flowers, apples, and strawberries; go for a hayride in the pumpkin patch; and feed the goats and horses.
The local theater has musicals, kids’ shows, acrobats, great musicians, amazing dancers and more.

There’s always something interesting going on.

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We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.



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