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Hoping to adopt 1st baby

Hi, I’m Hailey – thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little about me. I am truly inspired by your love for your baby, your strength, and your courage as you explore what is best for you and your child. I hope that my words help you get to know me a little bit and envision the loving mom I would be to your child. Only you will know when you find the right person to adopt your child, and I have enormous respect for how hard this decision must be. If I am the right one for you, I look forward to being on this journey together.

From the time I was a little girl, I dreamed of adopting a child. My mom tells me stories about how, when I would “play house” with my friends, I always imagined and dreamed of being a mom and adopting children.

For a number of years, I was dating a man who had children from a previous relationship. I became very close to all the children in his family, demonstrating the power of the bonds that can form without a biological connection. He and I went our separate ways before we had children together, but I have such wonderful memories of the times I shared with his family.

While I’ve always dreamed of being a mom, in recent years my desire to love and raise a child has grown even deeper and stronger. So I decided that I should pursue every potential path to becoming a mother and let the universe decide which one was right for me. After a number of unsuccessful fertility treatments, I feel like the universe has told me what I knew all along – I was meant to adopt. I just always knew that was the way I was meant to become a mom and create a family.

I promise you that I would surround your child with unconditional love, doing everything I could to provide the best life and education possible for him or her.

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I've lived in the same small town in the Northeast for a number of years, and I’m fortunate to have a large and diverse group of friends in the community. My mom and my brother both live nearby – we love to gather as a family for summer cookouts, birthday and holiday celebrations, and simple nights in watching Netflix or playing games.

I love nature and being active, and my days usually begin with a run, a yoga or dance class, or a walk with my dog. I’ve always enjoyed mornings, so I often get up early to catch up on the news with a cup of coffee.

My mom and dad taught me to live fully, love deeply, and dedicate myself to making this world a better place. I think it’s important to work hard, and equally important to have fun and live each day to the fullest. For me, no day is complete without friends and family in it, whether that means a phone call just to say hi, a funny “this made me think of you” text, a quick bite to eat out, or a casual get-together at a friend’s house.

My mom is my best friend! I’m so glad she lives nearby. We talk on the phone every day, get together all the time, and enjoy family vacations together every summer. She is an amazing woman and role model, and a wonderful grandmother to my brother’s kids. I know she’ll be similarly incredible with your child. She’s up for anything and super fun – my friends completely adore her!

My big brother lives close too, and we all enjoy spending time with one another. Fun fact – my brother and his wife rescued my gentle dog Henry’s sister (her name is Daisy), so when we all hang out it’s a family reunion for everyone, even the pups!

I am grateful to my brother and his wife for giving me three awesome nephews and an amazing niece. I’m so proud of the unique and amazing people they have become, and happy to have lived near them as they’ve grown up.

I have many friends who live right in my town, and it’s great being an “honorary aunt” to their kids. One of the things I love the most about my town is its incredible diversity and inclusivity -- everyone is welcomed, accepted, respected, valued, and included.

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