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Our Story

We are Matt and Chelsey. We like to smile and have fun, but we also realize life is hard. It's important to us to be real with people, and share our life with those who deserve that trust.
As we learn from life experiences, some things are left to faith and the hope that everything will work out. Success affects us on an individual level, but we should use that success to live a life of significance.
Our family and friends are an important part of us, and who we are. We love spending as much time with our families as we can. We want our children to feel the same way we do about our immediate families. We both have great childhood memories and we look forward to the day we can help our children create their own.
We like to care for others. It's an important part of our lives to love those around us and help people feel like there is a purpose in life. We are active in our church and our jobs and community and we enjoy taking every opportunity to serve others.
We met each other in high school while working at a local diner. We went to almost every high school dance together. It was an inside joke that Matt proposed to me every chance he got. We were even the couple chosen to get married on a Valentines Day special activity at the school. We were nearly inseparable during high school. I would go to his soccer games, and he would come to my swim meets. Everyone teased us for not dating other people, but we knew we were meant for each other and I did not want to spend my time with any other boy. We dated for a couple of years before Matt went on a church mission to Brazil. We wrote letters back and forth and then we met back up after Matt returned home and dated for another year before finally getting married. When Matt officially proposed to me, I actually had to clarify that he was asking me for real, because he had fake proposed so many times before.
After being married for a year we moved to Hawaii where we were blessed to finish both our degrees. We enjoyed the island life for four years and it was hard to move back but we wanted to be closer to our families.
When we are not doing home improvement projects or taking a trip somewhere, we are probably lounging back at home either watching movies or just talking about our days and our hopes for the future. We often stay up much later than our bedtime just talking to each other. We both feel it is best to be open about our feelings. Sometimes we go out on Friday nights but we also like to stay in and have Friday movie nights with Pizza and ice cream. Right now, we are watching the Flash TV series as well as The Good Doctor. Matt watches Smallville or Superman and Lois and Chelsey watches This is Us or New Amsterdam.
We have tried for several years to have children but have not been able to. As we prayed about which path we should take we felt like we were to grow our family through adoption. We did not take this decision lightly and have done a lot of education and read a lot of books about adoption. We are just hoping that we can connect with our child’s birthmom soon!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We look forward to helping this new house become a home and help it meet its fullest potential. We like nice things but we also like to find things that need some work, and fix them to make them beautiful. We have been painting and fixing up our house to meet our tastes. Since we lived in Hawaii we try to bring as much of the beach style to our house as we can even though we live in a desert.
Our new house has so much character. There are great giant arch windows in the kitchen that gives us a perfect view of the sunset every night. We have a pool in the back with a perfect tree that is begging for a treehouse. The new house has space to grow, and there are a few parks around. One has a duck pond, and one has a merry go round! During the summer the city puts on a "Movie in the Park" event every other week.
We want to make our house not just a place of shelter but a home where people feel comfortable.
These are our reasons for wanting to adopt:
—We love children and want to have the experiencing of raising them and learning from them.
—We love being with each other but after 12 years of marriage we want to add little footprints in our lives to imprint on our hearts.
—We feel that the time we have gone without having children as helped us be financially stable enough to provide great opportunities for our children’s futures.
—Although we will respect your wishes on the level of openness, we want to be able to include you in our lives as much as we can. We want you to know your child will always growing up knowing about you and where they came from and know of your love for them.


adoptive family photo - Matthew I enjoy meeting new people. I served a two year mission in Brazil for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, where I met some great people. I work as a real estate agent. I enjoy helping people fulfill their dream of finding a home. Before I did real estate I was a medical sales representative for an oxygen company. Sometimes as the sales guy I would dress up as a leprechaun for St. Patrick's day, or Willy Wonka for Halloween. At these events I would give out candy hoping to win over their business.
I also enjoy woodworking and I create hand carved wood pens. I am very talented in the arts. I have several drawings and paintings I have done over the years. I enjoy finding a deal like the time I bought this little fishing boat. I think fishing is fun, but I rarely catch anything. My dad would go fishing with me when I was younger, but we still didn't catch any fish.
I enjoy movies and games. I really enjoy Star Wars and the Rocky movies. I find myself quoting them a lot. I also like the Zelda games for Nintendo. I like the idea of saving the princess.
I like to travel with Chelsey. We have gone on big trips to Brazil, Jamaica, and Cancun. Sometimes we just take a shorter trip to Lake Powell or even random places like Flagstaff Arizona or Boise Idaho. One of my favorite trips was to Lake Havasu where we stood by the London Bridge.
I am a very patient person. I can resolve conflicts with Chelsey or with other kids without ever raising my voice. Kids are drawn to me because I can play with them on their level and I have a very calming personality.


adoptive family photo - Chelsey I am a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department. I went to nursing school right after graduating from high school. I have been in the Emergency Department since 2013. Before that, I had worked in Long-Term-Care facilities and as a private Elementary School nurse for special needs kids.
I love to run, swim, and hike. My favorite hike of all time was the Diamond Head trail when we lived in Hawaii. When I would get to the top of the crater, it would make me feel so alive that I would then sprint back to the bottom of the trail. I was on the swim team in high school. I have run a few half-marathons and triathlons.
The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday and it is during my favorite season of Summer. I love anything to do with the beach. I loved living in Hawaii with Matt, and the time we lived right on the beach.
I like Disney movies and music. If I could be a Disney Princess, I would either be Ariel or Moana (probably because of their relation to the ocean). I also like Country Music, especially Keith Urban and Josh Turner. I also love to play the piano and I hope that someday I will be as good as my mom who is excellent on the piano.
I enjoy reading. I read mostly motivational and self-help books. Occasionally I will pick up a good novel to read, but mostly I like to read books that educate me or inspire me to be a better person.
I am very loyal. I may not be social with a lot of people around but I am very good at one on one conversations even with kids and connecting with them on an age appropriate level.

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