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Matthew & Chelsey

To Someone Special,

"Life is a collection of moments. Some good, some sad, and some unforgettable." --Bhawana

We are both excited and nervous to be on this journey. This is new to us, as it may or may not be new to you. We always try to make our house a haven of safety and peace. We like to have our dinner at the table with each other. We like to spend a lot of time with our familes and with each other. There are many kids in the community, and there will be many opportunities for cuts and bruises and scraped knees at the parks, but also times for tears of joy and happiness as the kids grow and make friends who will love and support them.

We look forward to the day that we can have children in our home. We want to raise them to be good people of society that are hard-working and service-oriented. We plan to take them on trips and enjoy the simple adventures of everyday life. We want them to learn to rely on God and know that He loves them and wants to be a part of their lives. We believe in giving them a good education, even from the youngest age. We want our children to grow up to be independent and self-sufficient. But more importantly, they will grow up knowing they are loved and cared for and we will be there to support them in whomever they become. We would like to have an open adoption where our child will always know where they came from. We know it is a relationship that will evolve over time just like any other relationship, but we hope that the birth parents and the birth family can remain a part of our lives.

We have talked about having children since before we were married, but have been unable to get pregnant. Even before going through all the infertility treatments, we talked about how adoption might be in our future. We both felt like adoption was the journey we would eventually take. We know that it can be a beautiful miracle that blesses more lives than our own.

We have prepared ourselves in a way that we can give unconditional love to a child and also the stability of a caring and loving home. We feel we are financially prepared to take on this important role as parents, and give a child a fulfilling life.

We understand this is likely the biggest decision you have had to make because this will not only affect your child’s life but also your future as well. We want you to know that even if you feel we are not the right fit for your child, we wish you the best and hope that you can find the best family to raise your child. We are praying for you!

Matt & Chelsey

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Who We Are

We are Matt and Chelsey. We like to smile and have fun, but we also realize life is hard. It's important to us to be real with people, and share our life with those who deserve that trust.
As we learn from life experiences, some things are left to faith and the hope that everything will work out. But we must act on our faith. We all want to have success and happiness in life. That means loving others more than ourselves. Success affects us on an individual level, but we should use that success to live a life of significance.
Our family and friends are an important part of us, and who we are. It's important to feel like we are part of something bigger. We want our children to feel the same way we do about our immediate families. We want to be a place where our children can turn to us during the hard times in life, as well as the happy times. We believe that God is in control, and able to help us if we turn to Him.
We like to care for others. It's an important part of our lives to love those around us and help people feel like there is a purpose in life. This world is not always just fun and games, but as you work on being the best person you can be, we know happiness is right where you are.
We met each other in high school while working at a local diner. We went to almost every high school dance together. It was an inside joke that Matt proposed to me every chance he got. We were even the couple chosen to get married on a Valentines Day special activity at the school. We were nearly inseparable during high school. I would go to his soccer games, and he would come to my swim meets. Everyone teased us for not dating other people, but we knew we were meant for each other and I did not want to spend my time with any other boy. We dated for a couple of years before Matt went on a church mission to Brazil. We wrote letters back and forth and then we met back up after Matt returned home and dated for another year before finally getting married. When Matt officially proposed to me, I actually had to clarify that he was asking me for real, because he had fake proposed so many times before.

Adoption Diary

Painting our house

We have been working on finishing painting our house inside. I like our color choice so much better than the dark gray it was before. And now the hallways match the bedrooms.

Flowers of life

I love seeing flowers bloom. Since we moved in at the end of last summer we didn’t know what flowers were already planted. I thought this was just a dead tree or something in the corner of our yard. Turns out they were rose bushes. Now they are all in bloom. Different colors too. I haven’t even watered them since I thought it was a dead tree. Shows you how hardy a rose bush is. I want to be like a rose bush. Blooms regardless of how much other people care about it. One of the biggest reasons we want to adopt is because we want to have children in our home that we can raise to be like these hardy rose bushes. But that we can raise to be beautiful people of society just like the roses.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Matthew & Chelsey
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Matthew & Chelsey