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Mother’s Day…

Today is a rough day for me. (Heather) A day that is an annual reminder of how long I have yearned to be a mother. A day that despite all the love I have for my mother and I while wish my sisters well, cuts like a knife into my very soul. I’m not sure if I’ll ever have a mother’s day. I hope. I pray. I wish. I plead with the universe to bring those two magical feet to our life that will change our world forever and change my name to mommy. How long I have waited to hear that word. The longing and cry in Read more »

Paul’s Birthday Mania!!

Today isn’t as much as a diary entry but more of a daily update/status post! Paul’s 40th Birthday was great! We celebrated with friends and family. Ate Latino food, had cake and gifts, and finished the week off with a surprise I got for Paul! A trip to Cbarlotte to see his favorite basketball team, The Chicago Read more »

Expo Time!

Today for work we had a super cool event! It was a vendor event called the Builders EXPO in Fletcher, NC. We (The Radio Station, or one of our 7 should I say) brought in our “Dream Machine” Jeep that we are giving away in a contest! We were uo there giving away station swag, and entering people to win. Networking Read more »

It’s the little things…

It’s been a few weeks since our last update. Life’s been crazy busy, work, housework, yard work and Paul’s Birthday quickly approaching tomorrow. So it’s been important in all the chaos to find the little things. Those precious little moments where the world starts spinning and everything is at peace. Read more »

Just Keep Swimming.

I’m not even gonna lie. Today…it was rough. Easter. Today I learned that my sister is pregnant with a baby boy. She’s due in September. I should be elated. Happy. Thrilled. I’m going to be an aunt again. But. I’m ashamed to say I’m not. I’m in pain. Pain that no one that hasn’t Read more »

Another day In Radio…

We haven’t posted a new diary entry in a week or so, so I figured a new entry was needed! Today is a day like any other. I’ve been recording some new self-promotion spots for the stations we manage. I’m a Marketing and advertisement consultant, helping local and national companies grow their businesses by Read more »

Good Day!

It was a great day at work today! I got to record a new radio spot for a client and had a photoshoot for our company website. And I’m loving my new glasses! Not a huge update, but an update nonetheless! If you’re out there momma, just know, we’re still waiting for you! Read more »

What’s for dinner?

Last night we tried a new recipe! A Home made,-from scratch, Chicken Pot Pie! We replaced the original recipe with vegan replacements. Started with throwing 4 vegan “chicken breasts” in the skillet and cooking through. Removed the meat and cut into 1” cubes. Put a bag of frozen peas and carrots, half a Read more »

Baby Fever

Some days I fight the urge to go into our 100% prepared nursery to keep the feelings of anxiousness at bay. Some days I stare into the nursery wondering when our baby will be sleeping in there. Some days I go in and just sit on the rug feeling hopeless, wondering if it will happen for us at all. And Some days I go in the Read more »

The way we love…

Paul and I have always had a very open and honest dialogue. The good, the bad and the ugly. We decided from day one that we would be honest to a fault. In doing so I believe we have had the great opportunity to really know what the other needs and wants from each other. We are big believers in the love languages. Paul’s Read more »

Hey Momma…

Hey there momma. This isn’t a major update or another story of the day we have for you. More of just a quick reminder that you are made of gold. You are strong and beautiful. Brave and unique. You have so much love in your heart. Remember to give some to yourself. You are already loved by us and we haven’t met. We Read more »

Luna Bay-Bay!

Howdy!! Today’s featured pupper is the youngest and last but certainly not least, Ms. Luna! She also goes by Lun-Goot, Woona, Ms. Licks-a-lot, & BayBay! She is by far our most energetic pupper! She has a ton of energy and is always happy and excited. Her tail knocks things off the coffee tables all day and she is Read more »


This is Biscuit! He’s a feisty little bojack!  That’s a Boston Terrier and Jack Russel mix! He enjoys playing with Whimsey, she’s practically his mamma since he’s only known her his entire life. He hates the rain… and snow… And cold…and heat… Okay basically anything but Read more »

I did it!!

Oh My-Lanta! I had a very good day today!!!! I closed a sale for a major client at nearly double what they paid last year, selling them on 3 radio stations instead of 1 that they’ve done the last 3 years! This one major client could have made or broken my year! I was very nervous for this one because their rep had left Read more »


I have a love affair with makeup. I love designing new looks and collecting new products and brands. Today I did a love tutorial for a friend of mine that wanted to learn how to wing their liner and then after an energy shake decided to take some selfish with today’s look! It’s fun, and I think we will go grab Read more »


From Paul: Meet Whimsey! She also goes by Whims to stay hip, as she’s the second oldest dog in our bunch! She also is an aspiring rapper named Whim-Z!  She likes to bark with dog sounds on television shows and movies (I never realized how often dog-barks are used for audio ambiance in film), she’s well Read more »

Happy Birthday Parker!!

Welp, our boy officially turned 13 today! Where has the time gone? Park had a great birthday with his family, pizza, ice cream and cake! He got his first iPhone! A weighted blanket, new playstatiin headphones, a walking dead hoodie, new iPad case, lots of gift cards and cash. This kiddo made out like a bandit!! Happy 13th Read more »

Mr. Thai

For the next 3 days I’m going to introduce you to our doggos!! Today’s featured pupper is the oldest one in the bunch. Thai! He also goes by Mr. Thai (makes him feel distinguished I think, hehe), Thai Master, Thai-Bo, Thai-Bro, Thai-guy, Masters, Jelly Bean, little butt head etc. Haha! Mr. Thai is a 14 year-old Read more »

Sadness is okay.

We all love to be happy. We all want to be happy all the time. But that’s not very realistic is it? Sometimes we have to be sad. Sometimes exactly what we NEED is to be sad. To live in that moment and absorb all the beautiful melancholy of all that has happened. To not push it away but to truly feel it, own it and let Read more »

An adoptive mother’s heart…

I was BORN to be a MOTHER. Maybe not of my own genetics, but a mother I shall be. And as the time grows closer to us bringing home our beautiful baby, I know now, more than ever that It’s all I ever desired for myself. And when we take home our little bundle of joy I will finally be the mother I always dreamed I would Read more »

Slumber Party!

Due to some job scheduling issues, we got to spend some fun times the last 2 days/nights with our awesome niece and nephew! We love them to pieces! We had a big family dinner, played some board games, watched Moana & Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, and they always love playing with parker and our doggos! We had hot cocoa Read more »

What’s for Lunch?

From Heather: I don’t know about you but I LOVE some good sushi! Before I went vegan in 2016, crab, salmon and shrimp sushi was my favorite! Now a days, I still enjoy my favorite vice, with a little twist! Inari Tofu! It’s sweet and delicious! Our favorite sushi joint in Asheville, finally re-opened and we Read more »

Two Moms, Two Dads, One Amazing Kid!

Just two, super-rad momma bears out on the town together! It was always very important to me to have a good relationship with Parker’s Mom. I never wanted her to feel threatened by having me in his life. And since day one her and I have been soul sisters. I love & respect the heck out of her. She’s one of the Read more »

The Song of My Heart

Written By Heather: As I’m sure you’ve already ‘note-ist’ (Pun Intended) Our lives are filled with music. From the Moment we wake up, until the moment we go to sleep music is playing where ever we are. Working in Radio, in and of it self means that music is a part of me. On my way to my office in the Read more »

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