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Written By Heather:

Paul and I met in a Facebook group many years ago. I posted a silly photo of myself and he commented with an equally silly compliment, and we added each other as friends. And that's how we stayed for several years. Internet Best Friends. Until one night, Paul sent me a message to say "long time, no talk". I responded with the same. We talked into the night while realizing at the same time that we were both in simpler places in our lives and the spark that lit years ago had started to burn brighter. A few weeks later Paul told me that he had serious feelings for me and needed to know if I felt the same. I did. I was scared, but I decided to board a flight to go and meet him in real life. We figured, worst case scenario, we don't connect and get to stay best friends. Best case scenario, we grow closer.

As I got off the plane and saw him for the first time, my ear-to-ear smile just wouldn't disappear. He felt the same. He was so nervous he actually walked around the back of his car so he could take a second to breathe. From that first moment, that first hug, he held me, I knew right then and there this was always where I was meant to be. That day began a routine of flying and driving out to North Carolina every 2 weeks for quite a while until I decided to make the move permanently. And The rest is, as they say, history.
It was a crisp Thanksgiving afternoon when we spent the day with Paul's family, and also when he knew it was finally the moment for him to seal the deal. Him, just observing & watching me effortlessly blend into his family, Paul decided it was time to REALLY pop the question! Allow me to explain; Paul wrote a song for me as he does, long before this day wherein lied a line that I dismissed dozens of times as "just a lyric"...It was not. The line said "Will you marry, marry me I said Please, I can keep you happy, everyone loves it when you say yes, so please do." Boy was I oblivious! I truly thought it was just a song! (haha)

After Paul and I got home, I had fallen asleep, and shortly after he watched me drift off, he shook me back awake. As I groggily came to he said "Will You Marry Me?" A question he had been asking almost every day in word or song. As oblivious as Ii was thinking he was joking, this time he was persistent. My typical Answer of "yeah, babe" wasn't good enough. He knew I wasn't understanding that he was serious. He shook me again..." BABY! WILL. YOU. MARRY. ME? LIKE...FOR REAL!! I finally
understood what was happening. I jolted awake, jumped up and screeched "OMG! yes, yes! of course I will!" We both began to cry as he said "Do you have any idea that I've been actively trying to ask you to marry me for months now?" I laughed and cried and tried to cover my blushing; instantly being hit with all the times I had been so oblivious to his serious question.

We spent 18 months planning and covid-delaying our wedding, eventually eloping early because we just couldn't wait any longer. We still had our perfect, mountain top wedding, later on with 18 total guests. We exchanged our own written vows. (His were much better than mine) and I surprised everyone with a very special set of vows for my step-son, Parker. The best little man, and my best little buddy. Since then we moved into our new home. Started the adoption process, made it through our home study and finally began the journey to find our baby. Due to reproductive issues I was unable to have children. After a necessary total hysterectomy at age 28, I was devastated, however at the same time I realized that my life-long inner knowledge that my path to motherhood would be through adoption was finally going to come true.

And that's where we are now. And that's where you come in! We are prepared. We have a nursery 100% ready with everything on earth a baby would ever need. We are ready for this. We are ready for you. We are ready to bring our baby home. We hope that you have enjoyed reading our story and that you feel that our family will be the perfect place for your baby. We will love him/her forever. Xoxo.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home sits perched on top of a beautiful Mountain in Appalachia, nestled in Gorgeous, Western North Carolina. Our 4 bedroom, 2 bath home has beautiful views of the mountains, with plenty of space to roam and play. We don't have many neighbors out here in the country but the ones we do have are very sweet. Our home is decorated by Heather in a country-chic manner with a gorgeous, Elephant Themed Nursery, Video Game room for Parker, an office/music studio and a master suite. The nursery (photo attached) is connected to our bedroom, So baby will be right there near us at all times. (The blanket in the crib is pink, given to us by a friend, but everything else is gender neutral as we are open and have names for both genders). Heather always knows how to turn a house into a home. There are more pictures of our home in our album section!


adoptive family photo - Heather My entire Life I dreamed of being a mother. From the earliest memories I had, I was playing mommy to my baby dolls, my younger siblings, my extended family members and more. When I was 11 years old I told my aunt that I didn't think I could have a baby and my job was to adopt. To find my baby. That the wait was worth it. I have been mothering all my life. Nothing comes more natural to me. I even owned a home daycare for several years. I went to college for Art & Design, I began designing clothing and owned women's clothing company for several years--my full time career before deciding to change fields completely and go into marketing and advertising after realizing that I had been doing this type of work all along for my own company.

I fell in love with it. Getting paid to run around town talking to new and interesting people, selling air, spending times in the music/radio studios and meeting musicians was just an added bonus. I love the freedom my career gives me as I can work anywhere, even from home or on vacation. But something was/is missing from my life. A child to call my own. The one and only thing I have ever wanted in my entire life. It's my hearts cry to be a mommy. I have been ready for this moment my entire life. Some days I stare into our future baby's nursery dreaming of who they will be. Who they will become, the beautiful soul they will grow into.

I love my family. I love Paul's family. I love Paul. He's the calm in the storm. The best person I've ever known. He makes me try to be better every day. I would be lost without him. He is my rock in times of trial, and my laughter when the day seems the darkest. He's unfailingly kind, lovingly attentive, and a genuinely precious and sensitive soul. He made me a mom. Being Parker's Step-Mother has been one of my life's greatest joys. I will raise your baby with all the love in the world. I will let them blossom into who they want to become, and unconditionally love them no matter what comes our way with grace and acceptance.

I/we do not believe in corporal/physical punishment of any kind. We believe in positive reinforcement, letting children grow into who they want to become with honestly and an open dialogue. I believe that with trust, honesty and respect it is possible to raise a child who will treat you with the same trust, honestly and respect. For all these reasons and more I and anyone who knows me believes that I will be a great mother to your child. And I can't wait to meet them!


adoptive family photo - Paul Hi! I'm Paul. I'm 39, a life-long musician, jack of all trades and Dad to the coolest kid on the planet. I always wanted to be a dad. When I was 27 That dream became a reality when my partner of 8 years and I became pregnant with Parker, my now 13 year old son. In the end, my ex-partner and I just weren't meant to be together and shortly after Parker was born we decided to break up but remain close. We lovingly raise parker in an incredible co-parenting relationship. My Ex-partner and I are still good friends and we raise Parker together, amicably and happily, as we always have. My son is my whole world and after years of pursuing music & touring with some of todays greatest bands, when he was born, I knew he was the most important thing in my life, so I decided that it was time to set aside the road life for a life at home to be with my son. I have never regretted that decision for a moment. He is the best thing I've ever done, musically or otherwise. He is my legacy. I never knew you could love another human being so much until the moment I first held him. His tiny little self was all I would ever need.

When I met my wife on facebook, I knew I was going to marry her one day. I get it. That may sound a little crazy, but its true. Despite the thousands of miles between us, and complications aside, I just knew it was going to happen one day. I have loved her since the moment I met her. She is an incredible woman; the strongest woman I've ever known. She is my best friend aside from my little buddy, of course. I couldn't have our wedding day complete without him as my best little man. I have dedicated myself to raising my son, loving my wife and continuing to make music. My 3 loves. I have always loved being around kids. They keep it simple. I'm still a big kid inside and love to play and laugh. I also have a niece and nephew. My brother and his kids live just down the road from us and they lived with me for a few years and I helped raise them. My wife's niece from her sister is kind of obsessed with my son and I just adore her too. I love my family and Heather's, too, like they are my own!

Everyone who knows me knows me and my little mini-me son, knows I'm a rad dad and while we are best buds I also lay down the rules when need be. We don't believe in physical punishment, but in positive reinforcement. It turned out great for Parker. He is a great Kid. Kind and respectful. I like to think our openness and honesty with him is why he is such an awesome little man. I always wanted to adopt as well. It was kind of a deep calling I always had lingering inside. Though I have loved being a dad to my son, I would love the ability to be a dad all over again, with the full experience 24/7.

I do my music from home and work weekends so I'll get to be home with our baby quite a bit. I can't wait to be a father again. I can't wait to hold our baby and rock him/her to sleep. I can't wait to meet our child and I just want to thank you for considering us and I am so proud of you. And wanted to tell you how incredible you are. Your courage and love to make this choice for your child is the most commendable act I can ever imagine. Thank You. <3

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